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Thread: Mary Jane socks

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    Default Mary Jane socks

    I have been trying to find mary jane style socks but many of the stores (in the U.S.) do not carry them. Has anybody been able to find them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by User27983 View Post
    I have been trying to find mary jane style socks but many of the stores (in the U.S.) do not carry them. Has anybody been able to find them?
    are they the ankle sock with the lace around the top? Looks sexy over sheer energy control top pantyhose, and Mary Jane shoes of coarse!!

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    If they are the kind with lace trim I get mine at Target.
    Tho they are in the girls cloth section, so they may still be to small.

    I am lucky enough to barely comfortably fit into the large ones they have.

    I am still trying to find affordable basic flat Mary Jane shoes to fit me.
    All I can find are high heel kind.

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    Yeah they are the ones that look like the shoes but just sock kind :P I'll take a peek at target. Thanks.

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    Try searching for bobbysocks. At some point I ended up making my own.

    Mary Janes like this?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Mary Janes

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyemo View Post
    Mary Janes like this?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Mary Janes
    Yeah something along the line of those.
    All I ever find is high heel/wedge kind, or of I do find basic kind there crazy expensive.

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    And if you want to find them locally, with Halloween just around the corner, Most Costume shops stock/sell Leg Ave. products including those.

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    2 examples found on Ebay:

    Member id justourlittlesecret | Feedback Score Of 1233 | 98.9%

    Red Lacy Socks for Adult Baby Little Girl Sissy Dress up LEANNE
    Member id leannes_pretty_dresses | Feedback Score Of 1995 | 99.4%

    Caution on sox sizing women's sox sizing is about 1.5 sizes smaller than men's
    i.e. women's shoe/sox size 11 =s men's shoe/sox 9.5
    if you are a men's 12 you will need a women's 13 not easily found.

    But aren't they so SISSY ?
    They go so well with dresses with petticoats and pretty mary janes - OH how delightful !

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