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Thread: Underwear?

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    When you aren't padded, what kind of undies do you wear? Do you have any cute ones or are they just plain? I mainly wear plain white briefs, as that's what I wore when I was a kid (and for most of my life, aside from when my step mom made me switch to boxers for a few years during my pre-teen/early teen years). I have some colored briefs as well, and a couple of cute ones from Popduds-- Frownosaurus and Hippo and Rhino.

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    Just plain women's panties in different colors. Cartoon ones are pretty hard to come by when you're my size.

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    A mixture of single color boxer-briefs and panties

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    I do like my CK's and AussieBum underwear, and Bonds (popular brand in Australia) mostly in boxer briefs and jocks

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    I tend to just wear generic boxers when I'm not padded.

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    I only wear icky undies when I got to go to a doctor appointment, or other times when I have to.
    Otherwise its usually diapers 24/7, tho now and then I will dress up for home only, and wear panties.
    Tho I have worn panties under my normal clothes on occasion. *giggles*

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    If I'm not padded, I go full time commando, I have strong beliefs that its a lot better against any kind of cancers, I think last time I've put underwear on was at least 10 yrs ago, the only times I wear underwear now is inside a diaper sometimes to remind me of my potty training, my mommy would usually put me in undies and put the diaper on top, so I felt when I was wet.

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    Hardly ever wear any underwear. Maybe some over a diaper or pullup.

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    I mix it up these days. I've got a few pairs of training pants from baby-pants with different prints and I'll wear those are regular underwear some days of the week. they're nice and thick and comfy, which is pretty great. Other days I just wear briefs, plain grayish color. I haven't quite decided if I want to switch to wearing training pants only and not buy new briefs as the old ones get worn out though.

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