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Thread: New ABU Diaper

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    Default New ABU Diaper

    I have just received word of ABU's newest addition the Space Diaper. With a projected capacity of 5000ml.
    More information is available on their website.
    What are your thoughts on these?

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    I personally would like to try these diapers. I hope they come in small.

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    It's exciting - they're hitting the same price point as Bellissimos while promising features akin to Rearz. They'll be a significant improvement on what exists in the market if they pull that off.

    I would ignore the stated capacity number - my experience is that diapers hold maybe half of the stated capacity in practice at best, and high-end diapers often run into problems with other parts of the diaper like the tapes failing first. Thus, the actual real-world number is not only going to be much lower but it's going to depend on what part fails first, which may not have anything to do with the absolute capacity. That said, I do really appreciate ABU being transparent about the testing method used to reach that number.

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    They look adorable but they don't come in size small yet but they might sell small size later, also there's another two diapers that they're going to be released in January called Little Paws and an all white diaper, probably a re-skin of the space diaper, glad to see more abdl products every day

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    I can't wait to get these, they look awesome and 5000ml capacity sounds amazing.

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    There actually a video review of these on YouTube already, from what I gather, they at made by the same manufacturer that makes Rearz.

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    5000ml is just ridiculous, the diaper is not going to last that long and even if it does, who wants to sit in more than a gallon of their own pee?

    I'm all for good absorbency but some of these diapers are just going over the top now. At least these are affordable, definitely looking forward to trying them.

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    I am excited for these diapers. I will be getting them as a sample pack once they can be ordered.

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