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Thread: where some of us go-IE:, fur cons/meetings/gatherings/parties?

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    Thumbs up where some of us go-IE:, fur cons/meetings/gatherings/parties?

    I'm just wondering, how many of us, get out and about, to say fur cons? There are quite a few furry conventions every year, so there's a big opportunity, for some us to get to at least one or two. Many of these cons, are also putting Meet-N-Greets/panels and such, in their schedules of events, just for us padded people. Plus, a few of the cons, also have designated rooms, where the diaper people go, just to hang out/be part of the social events, going on in there. And, I'm pretty sure, that out of the membership here, we do have quite a few of us, that are both furrys and diaper people. So, comments, thoughts, replies or even just a generic shout out: "Hey, padded furry here too", sorta thing.

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    I'd like to go to one eventually but I'm a little shy and don't fare too well around large groups of people. That being said, at 3 hours away Anthrocon would be the most logical one for me to go to. I would probably leave being ABDL at home the first time or two though.

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    I have never been to a Furry Convention, even though I am a fursuiter.

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    That would be neat to go to, someday. But I really don't have a car or money.

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    I went to my first fur con earlier this year. Texas Furry Fiesta. Lots of fun. Very overwhelming for me tho. I'm not really a fan of large groups of people. But still it was a fun experience.

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    I've been to Rocky mountain fur con and Midwest fur fest

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    Furs who haven't been to a con and are unsure about padding or babbing out.... just need to follow other babs and wearers on twitter and keep an eye out for padding parties and get togethers in your twitter feed. More of these parties happen at last minute or spur of the moment than organised ones.
    I was lucky at AC this year that a friend I had room with me organised a Saturday night padded get together (helped that we were in a suite so lots of room and about 40 peeps turned up =3 . FWA this year there was a late minute party announced so I went along and had a great time but time ran out and we had to vacate the room, so those who wanted ended up back at my room for a bit more relaxing together and just getting to know each other if we didn't before.

    If you're in doubt as to pad or not at con.... it doesn't hurt to throw a few dipes in your bag for just in case

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    My plan was to go to rainfurrest this year, since I was going to be at school in Portland which is just a few hours away. However, financial aid isn't covering as much as I thought would, so I wasn't able to go. For sure (or should I say "fur sure") I'll be going next year.

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    I have plans after last years RMFC to a babyfur/diaperfur room party. Movies, gift bags, fresh changes, and a few rules. I'd wanna plan it out with a few other people, but it'll probably be a thing at the 2016 RMFC.

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    I've never been to a convention but it looks like NatNapUK's happening this year and I'm seriously thinking of going. You see it looks like it's destined to be a biennial event and I'm not getting any younger...yes that might seem strange but that's my reason...I really don't even fully know why if I make a self-asesmnt! bringmesunshine p.s alright maybe's it's because ABDLI(nfantilism) doesn't feel like a young persons world (people who take part who are between 35 and 60 years of age almost certainly outnumber the participants aged between 21 and 35) but I have a hope of meeting someone my age.

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