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Thread: Little kids shows you watch?

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    Default Little kids shows you watch?

    Its been a long-running guilty pleasure of mine to watch little kids cartoons. Mostly Nick Jr. I used to get up at some ungodly hour of the morning to watch Backyardigans, Wonder Pets, and Ni-Hao Kai-lan, all of which are now cancelled. I like Bubble Guppies for a time, but it pretty much devolved into a total cash cow. Same goes for PAW Patrol. I recently picked up Sofia the First (which I'm watching now), and I can almost say I legitimately enjoy it. It gives me so much diabeetus (even though I constantly spew out MST3K/CinamaSins-esque comments, memes, Game of Thrones and Warhammer references). And unlike almost every other kids show I watch, there's fanfiction of it. No, seriously

    Anyways, I doubt I'm alone on this, so what little kids shows do people here like watching? And PLEASE try to be a little more imaginative than My Little Pony, we get it, like every other person on the internet watches it -_- (avatar is nearly 4 years old)

    Also, miscellaneous comments on Sofia the First:

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    I got back into watching Blue's Clues last year, and while technically not a ''little kids''' show, I've been watching Rugrats too.

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    I'm pretty crazy about Paw Patrol right now. Have bed sheets, comforter and plushies.

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    I like paw patrol tmnt. Power rangers SPD power rangers samurai power rangers jungl fury power rangers time force
    eu iu
    et nr
    na jt
    t e

    Power rangers RPM

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    Blues Clue's, Blue's Clues. (Blue's Clues!)

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    I love cartoons and i watch a tons of them.

    Currently, I'm watching the more popular ones (Star Vs, Gravity Falls, MLP, Adventure Time,..) but for less popular, you can watch "Over the garden wall" (a CN mini-series) or internet show like Bravest warriors.

    Regarding the cartoons targeting younger audience, I'm a huge fan of Sofia and I recently started to watch Miles from tomorrowland, same team, same voice actors as Sofia. It's quite pleasant to be honest.

    I tried watching DocMacStuffin' but there is too much songs.. Once in a while like in Sofia is okay. But Dc Mac Stuffin' is "one ep = one stuff kids have to learn = one song". And it's not as well-made as other cartoons.

    Regarding Sofia, some of your point are covered in other episodes so I'm not going to spoil anything (especially on the amulet and Cedric). Just, don't read too much into it. Lots of things don't make sense if you do ^^
    Also, I can't stand Amber most of the time and I really admire Sofia's patience. In her shoes, I would not show so much composure most of the time. but some of the other princesses are actually quite interesting. I wish we could get rid of Amber and Hildegarde.

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    Tonight I am watching "Paw Patrol" before I go to bed.

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    Right now I only watch rugrats, adventure time, and my little pony and occasionally if im feeling little I'll watch shows like special agent oso, blues clues, dora and just recently got into a show called puppy in my pocket. ( found it on my smart tv's app called toon goggles)
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    re-watching season 4 of Thomas and mlpfim and rugrats and more

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    The other day, I did watch 'Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends" on WGBH-DT, Channel 2, Brighton, MA.

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