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    Having already posted about my current binge cycle, I started wondering for those of us who still experience the "on/off" cycles of DL activity, how long do your binge cycles last? I don't call my "off" times purge cycles anymore, as I've learned not to discard everything due to the expense and hassle or re-acquiring supplies. I refer to my off times as the "dormant" part of my cycles. Just wondering about length and frequency of the cycle for others. For me, this last dormant cycle lasted almost 6 months. Not sure how long this latest active cycle will last.

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    I use to binge and purge irregularly and randomly. Now I wear every night unless I can't be bothered.

    I'm a heavy sleeper and have once or twice not woken up to the"toilet dream" and wet the bed. So I wear "just in case" but still enjoy wearing.

    I oy wake up to my pager going off, an alarm clock or someone telling me its 9am and time to get up.

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    I'm feeling a binge coming up here soon. I've passed the purge cycle by forgetting about my diaper stash.

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    It used to vary for me, but over time the purge portion gradually shortened. The last time it happened was almost 2 years ago and lasted for a month. Since then I've been wearing 24/7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katarn89 View Post
    It used to vary for me, but over time the purge portion gradually shortened. The last time it happened was almost 2 years ago and lasted for a month. Since then I've been wearing 24/7.
    Agree. I wish i was 24/7 though! The purge stopped a long time ago. I would binge/purge every other week at first. Then later, just hide my supplies until the urge hit. Now, for the last decade or so, no purge or guilt. Just wearing every night.

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    I went into hiatus for 18 months. I went out of town by myself a few months ago and decided on a "treat" and it felt sooo good! I am now enjoying a few every now and then.

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    My ebb and flow is very variable. I can go as long as several months without wearing diapers.

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    I stopped purging years ago, since I am in diapers 24/7 for medical reasons.

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    I much prefer 'binge' v. the emotionally neutral 'dormant'. 'Purge' sounds too much associated with judgmental religion, especially the 'book' religions originating from the Middle East. 'Purge' is used principally to indicate a cleansing from 'sin.' I threw any such philosophy out of my psyche long ago, recognizing how they were inventions of people who specialized in control freakery over their fellow human beings. My cycle is totally irregular, and dominated by external circumstances. I am sometimes restricted by the situation at home, crowding demands of travel, hobbies, even health situations etc., that put diaper wearing out of the question for a time. On the rare occasions when I find I am free to 'binge' I thoroughly enjoy the pleasure! There is no hint of guilt afterwards or any compulsion to go into a kind of emotional reverse gear.

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    My binge started about 3 years ago and is showing no signs of letting up

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