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Thread: Accutane - Good or Bad?

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    Default Accutane - Good or Bad?

    I just want some information on Accutane?

    I know it was mentioned before in an acne thread.... but I just wanna know if anyone has had personal experiences, and if it's been bad or good?

    My mom is under the impression that it will make me phsycho... but I'm willing to take the chance, honestly.

    I tried getting it in early November iirc, but my doctor told me that a few pimples doesn't constitute as "acne." So if he doesn't give it to me again I'll just get it from someone else, and at the last result I'll just get it from one of my moms friends. Because it's bs.

    I've gotten acne, since like - October, and it's really, really bad. I've never *ever* in my entire life had acne this bad. And I'm ready to kill my face over it. I feel like a horse.

    Thanks guys! =D

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    Post a pic of how bad it is...It cant be worse then the Cystic Acne I have on my back...and BTW Accutane is bad for girls...esp if you wanna have it .

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    It clears it up totally.


    You have to get blood tests done every month to make sure it isn't causing your liver to fail. And has a whole bunch of other nasty side effects.

    When I had horrible acne, the doctor talked me out of even trying it because of all the risks. He said it is only used as a last resort.

    So we tried another antibiotic and that worked pretty good.

    If I were you, I'd talk about other alternatives with your doctor.

    And besides, if that is actually you in your avatar photo, you dont' need it...

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    Dude, I'll punch you in your dong if you try to get that!

    While doctors often tell us stuff that pisses us off when we think otherwise, it's one of those things where, when in doubt, we should do as they say. While the acne can be bothersome or aggravating, it's best to look into some other non-prescribed options for control of acne. From what I've seen, Abby, it's a drug meant for those with that ridiculously horrible acne -- you know, the kind that looks almost like a rash.

    Best not to put something in your body when you don't necessarily need it. There might be some really effective topical creams out there you can use, so when you go back to the doctor, I'd ask him. If Accutane has any chance of altering your personality as a side effect, it's not worth it -- especially if not prescribed, and especially if you don't need it.

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    Abby, ask for Evoclin and combine it with proactive, that is what i did and it cleared up my acne really nicely, now i have to do it again cuz it came back but it works quite well.

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    A Dermatologist suggested it for our daughter because she has a severe case of acne. After carefully weighing all the pros and cons, the cons being possible side effects, she chose to deal with acne in other ways. However, friends of ours have had their kids on accutane and it helped clear their acne up. Since I don't have any first hand experience all I can say is, get ALL the facts about the treatment, read them over real good, and then make an informed decision as to using it or not based on what you've read.


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    I took it when I was in 8th grade (nine years ago). It can cause mood swings and liver damage (they monitor your blood monthly for the latter), but I think there might be a correlation and only some causation. I'm told I was moody while I was on it, but bear in mind that I was also thirteen. What thirteen year old doesn't have mood problems? Since I had pretty bad acne, I think it was worth taking it.

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    I've gotta agree with Rance: if the doctor says no, then NO.
    I don't know anything about Accutane, but I do know that you shouldn't be taking something that you've haven't been prescribed...

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    If you still have acne after a few more years, then I'd try to ask about it again, but you're still a teenager. Some take a while to "outgrow" the acne, and some never really do. How do you take care of your face?

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    Weeeeel, see, that's the thing. I'm still a teenager, but I've already went through puberty - I've grown. I'm done growing. I shouldn't be getting this crap on my face. My mom had it real bad, but I got lucky. So much for luck >.<

    And taking care of my face - I wash it day and night. I also got some stupid skin cream stuff to use. One for the day - the other for the night time. I do pop my pimples which is bad I've heard. I can't stand to look at it if you can see the pussy stuff though. Popping them makes me at least satisfied.

    And yeah - that is me in the picture. You can't see that well though. I mainly have two spots, one on each cheek, that gets really bad. It's so sick. And my mom keeps telling me how gross it looks and stuff. I dono, I think it's hurt my self-esteem more than anything.

    Maybe I'll try proactive. I thought of doing that first - but accutane is free, and I'd rather not drop money I don't need to spend.

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