So about half a year ago I was searching avidly for a bigger pacifier, bigger than the Nuk5, bigger than even the Nuk6. I was looking for something in-between BabyPant's Nuk6 and the Nuk10 which is basically a pacifier with a gag sized nipple. x_X So I came across a thread on here that was dead but helped me to start my project and I would like to thank CraftingGuy. He left a download link for a 3D model of the pacifiers he tried to 3D print at his house.

So I decided to use the 3D model and do some modifications myself, and man-o-man am I happy that I did. All I had to do really is go to and upload the model pieces, choose what material to have them printed and what colors and just basically wait and hope they printed all the pieces correctly. What I got was the perfect fitting pacifier I've ever layed paws on. The shield was PERFECT. It fit so well, the shield covers all of my lips with some space left over, it rests right up against my nose. Sucking on it gives the most relaxing and calming feeling I've ever had and always ever wanted.

I've even printed a new version of it, made it slightly bigger and added little letters on the pacifier handle for my name. The only thing I have left to do is buy some spray paints and finish up the finish on it, make it glossy and shiny.

Here are some images of how it came out.

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Here's one with size comparisons.

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And finally, here's a pic of me using it.

Credit goes to CraftyGuy: Pt1 Thread Pt2
Link to the 3D models if anyone couldn't find it:

If anyone here has any tips for any further improvement to this 3D paci, let me know, I'm always looking for ways to improve. ^^