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Thread: The curious thing about incontinence forums

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    Default The curious thing about incontinence forums

    Having visited just about every incontinence forum on the web at some point or another, I'm left with a few curious observations.

    1. There are surprisingly few which focus solely on incontinence, it's usually a subforum or subpage of another larger site.

    2. Minus a few exceptions like this one, they're surprisingly inactive. Threads are few and infrequent.

    3. They have surprisingly few members, and even fewer active members. Often only in the range of 5-10.

    4. Most surprisingly perhaps, it's the same small group of people who are virtually the only active members on every forum. The same 5-10 people use the same user names on at least 5-10 different forums.

    5. A disproportionate number of these active users seem to be AB/DLs.

    I'm not entirely sure what to make of all this. Perhaps you guys have had different observations or experiences. Or maybe or you're one of the same 5-10 active users on virtually every forum

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    I wouldn't find 1, 2, and 3 all that surprising as they seem to indicate that either there aren't many people with incontinence (we know that's not true, relative to ABDLs) or they don't have substantial questions or aren't comfortable joining online communities, particularly as part of some other interest. Numbers 4 and 5 also appear related. ABDLs have a vested interest in this stuff, whether practical from their own incontinence or satisfying some other urge. I'm not incontinent and have no desire to be incontinent, so I keep my nose out of many of these threads as I have little useful to offer.

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    I think what makes this site more active for the genuinely incontinent is that we discuss so many different things outside of diapers. I would guess that in a short while, incontinence questions are answered, and then what? We have a number of incontinent members here on this site, who have very interesting and insightful things to say on all the other threads.

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    When it comes to incontinence, there really isn't a lot to discuss outside of what gets discussed in multiple areas of this forum. The reasons for incontinence are varied, so discussing possible solutions (other than protective garments) really gets limited to what is covered with the doctor. You might find someone else who has the same basis for their incontinence as you on a forum, but solutions may be wildly different for the two people. As such, there really isn't a huge amount of discussion going on back and forth.

    Protective garments and what works/doesn't work is usually covered under the 'Diaper Talk' section, it honestly makes sense to discuss it there rather than here. After all, the results obtained whether wearing diapers for pleasure or need are the same. Those of us who are genuinely incontinent usually have no qualms discussing decent protection with AB/DLs as they want a good diaper as much as the rest of us. With this in mind, AB/DLs will go on to incontinence forums to find what protection works best and what you want to avoid spending your money on.

    As for activity levels and the number of people who are the most active, you're going to find that in almost any community. There are always some people who spend a lot more time on the forums than others.

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    I find it unsurprising because incontinence, unlike DL, is really rather specific theme. I have been a bedwetter since my childhood and, however I am now 27 years old adult young woman, I still feel that I cannot talk about my problem openly even to a medical specialist, to say nothing about confess about it to my friends (except my best girlfriend who knows it), and, when I buy a pack of diapers in a local medical store or a pharmacy, I hide it inside my bag so that people on the street would not see me walking with a pack of adult diapers. So people with incontinence problems, I believe, stay mostly very shy and closed about this theme and prefer not to talk much even in a place which gives them such opportunity without fear to be discovered or misunderstood

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    I also keep it as a secret, it's still one of these embarrresing situations you wonÝt reveal to anyone, that you are peeing in your pants.
    Only my wife and doctor knows. I buy my diapers online so I don't have to experience these akward situations going down the road with a big pack of adult diapers, neither having to ask for them at the pharmacy.

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    I grew up a bed wetter and more by choice than anything returned to it as an adult. IĎm sure some of my friends would be ok with it, but am equally sure others would gossip and joke behind my back. I donít need that. So itís a deep dark secret with only my wife knowing at this time. Yet Iím here posting, I think I anonymously reach out to others to validate myself.

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    This is the same with me. For me a forum like this is an opportunity to express the feelings that I have to always keep inside me together with my incontinence, but how, sometimes, I do wish to talk about it! It is not possible to always keep it inside me.

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    Its not the sort of thing you would WANT to talk about if you live with it because you have to. Its much easier to talk about if its something you actually like.

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    I wonder sometimes if the reason that genuine incontinence sufferers avoid forums originally designed for them is because far too many of them are invaded by ABDLs pretending that their problem is genuine. Personally, I am convinced that this is the case, and I find it extremely annoying. As an example I was on another site the other day, (I won't name it, but it is a medical site for genuine incontinents) where a guy said that he preferred the plastic pants he wore which were very pretty with floral designs on them and that his wife changed him. It was so patently obvious that he was ABDL; I very much doubt that a guy who was genuinely incontinent would brag about "pretty" plastic pants, and boast that his wife changes him. I have no objection to ABDLs, but they have plenty of sites to visit without invading real incontinence sites.

    That is why I like ADISC, because there is a separate sub-forum for us under Diaper Talk. I think that because of this the ABDLs tend to stay on that part and are less likely to "hijack" this sub-forum.

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