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Thread: if i had to buy a pack in a pharmacy

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    Default if i had to buy a pack in a pharmacy

    i guess id try to be sort of sneaky by hiding the diapers under a case of coke since i don't like buying online anyway

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    Havent done that in 10+ years. But, it is a rush all its own. Waiting in line to put the pack on counter, while hoping noone you know appears. What a thrill. Once, the clerk didnt have bags big enough. The embarrassment of walking to my car with a pack of depends is nothing to forget.

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    well heres my issue with any orders ive wanted to place for abdl items ive able to keep it secret since i was 16 years old i had a good friend who was semi incontinent and i hate underwear i tried wearing his goodnites for a night and i loved it but i kept my desire secret until now i just want to be diapered darn it

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    Try to remain as calm as possible, people will normally only think something is weird if you act like it is. The only thing you should be worried about is if you run into someone you know.

    I've bought allot of diapers/pull-ups at brick mortar stores, it gets easier every time you do it.

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    i have no transportation aside from my parents i can't just say i need a bag or two of diapers they'd think i was crazy perhaps i should look for a roommate and apartment

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    I went to the pharmacy and just did it. The nerve wracking part was the lady in front of me had a mess of coupons. What I thought would be quick took forever! Eventually another cashier came along. She made eye contact when thanking me, which is her job, of course.

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    If I need to buy from a pharmacy so I don't run out before a delivery arrives I first take a good look around me to make sure there's nobody I know within the vicinity. Then I just get them off the shelf and buy them. If anyone were to ask I'd say I was buying them for my mothers elderly sick partner. I'm not particularly bothered about doing this.

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    i remember first time i bought at the store, was crazy because that night i ran into 3 people i knew, lucky they didnt see what i had.
    but then i went to a different store and in the morning so it just got easier.

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    i can always just say their for my grandfather

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    Or you can always go to a place with a self checkout

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