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Thread: "Natural" messing or push?

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    Default "Natural" messing or push?

    I was just thinking of the way that I have used my diapers in the passed and thought of something of which it may be interesting to find some kind of average or demographic on.

    I noticed that it feels more baby-like when you just stand still and let it slide out. But if you've been a father and seen a baby just a little bit before training, you'll notice they push it out rather intensely. So with these two things it seems that one would apply to those who are babies in their little-stand and others who are more toddler-like.
    Personally, I like to simulate "You are a baby, you have no control" when messing my diapers. I don't sit or stay in them long but it does feel wonderfully infantile.
    Which do you do?

    It didn't let me post a poll, said it timed out. So answer this strawpoll instead.
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    Oooo intersting topic. I usually fall somewhere between the 2 extremes, but I air on the side of just letting it happen. I honestly only find that it's worth my time (and cleaning efforts) to mess if I have to go really bad and I know there's going to be a lot. It's just significantly more enjoyable for me that way. I also really love the desperation aspect of it and the whole idea of losing control. I definitely find that I feel much more little when I get to the point that I can't hold it anymore. It's not as fun for me when I have to push really intensely, as it just feels really forced..... pun intended.
    So yeah, natural for me.

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    I mess myself.
    I just let it come naturally and allow my diaper to fill-up full.

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    I have messed twice since reconnecting with my little side, the first time was as close to an accident as I guess I could get. I'd woken in the morning wet and was heading to the bathroom to carry out my morning routine of showering etc. I was on my way down the stairs and got that unmistakable cramp and just let it go, it was very satisfying indeed and I really did feel like a toddler at that time, I hope I can repeat that again some time.

    The other time required more effort and was nowhere near a enjoyable. Moving forward my messing will be solely when I am ready and not because I want to.

    As with everything though, its all about personal preference.

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    I rather enjoy the feeling of standing or sitting and letting mother nature determine how fast or slow the seat of my pants becomes fun. Normally let it slide out naturally, and then later, grunt a bit to make the rest come out to complete the loading of the seat of my pants.

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    I push it out because it won't come out naturally unless I do something about it.

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    Natural is for me. I like the feeling of the tension building of having to go then let it all come out with the relief of the tension. Although even babies have to push some times.

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    What kind of people are we if we go on the internet and have actual serious discussions about the way in which we deliberately crap ourselves? I've had to stop wearing for a few days after getting a minor skin irritation, but it's threads like this that make me think twice about what I'm doing with my life. Okay, in all fairness I've messed my nappy too, many times, but sometimes I read through this ADISC forum and I start wondering what a depraved circus my life has become.

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    i usually just push, but i might actually try letting it naturally come out and see how that feels.

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