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Thread: That's funny.

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    Default That's funny.

    I was just looking through the member list, and noticed that Mesmerale's current post count is 666, exactly. I guess it was just funny, and I'm extremely bored. Sorry to bother you.

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    We have a thread about this in the "Fun & Games" Topic!! Yeah a lot of people have found reaching that milestone post count funny in a way!! No bother at all!!

    Oh, nice avatar b.t.w.!! I have a German flag hanging on my wall in my bedroom & one on my high school class ring!!

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    Are we supposed to discuss this?

    Don't we have a 666 thing thread.. I think that's the one Icey is taking about..

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    Sorry about that. I didn't look around first. :embarrassed:
    Also, thanks about the avatar!

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    Butterfly Mage


    Ever notice how 666 is a big deal but 333 and 777 are not? Of course, numerology magic was never my thing.

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    333 is a cooler number P: Only half evil!

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    Why're we talking 'bout my (old) post count??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsukuni View Post
    333 is a cooler number P: Only half evil!
    You are like the Diet Coke of Evil, Half the calories, NOT Evil Enough!

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