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    OK so recently, I had a dream that, while I was still in my teens (at least I'm pretty sure I was a teen in this dream), someone found out about my TB tendencies (very odd as this had not yet set in til I was well over 18), and gathered together everyone I knew that I was on good terms with - favourite teachers, workers etc. - to try to figure out what was going on and how best to deal with it. I think the person who set up the meeting was being very careful to only bring in people I liked, so as not to make me feel so forced, or whatever, which I was thankful for. I mean, who wants this in the first place, but hey, at least I liked everyone there. There were in fact moments when, as we were talking, I wasn't sure if everyone was still "get her away from this stuff" or if certain people were starting to understand and rethink certain aspects of putting a stop to it. I'm not quite sure, either, where everybody stood when the dream ended.

    I posted this to give everybody a chance to think and talk about what they would want out of such a meeting if one were to take place in real life. Who would you hope to have, or not have, present at this meeting? How would you talk to everybody to try and help them understand you and why you did what you did? How would you hope everything turned out (OK, this last thing seems simple, but I want you to think about it in the context of, who is in attendance and your relationship with everyone afterward, in addition to their general opinions)?

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    Yuck, a big group meeting would be the worst way to discuss ABDL practices, imo. I mean, really, think about it for a second. Let's say you were 100% vanilla in your sexual interests. Wouldn't it still be ridiculously awkward to have a meeting where you brought along your girlfriend for show and tell and had to be like, "Oh, yeah, I really get aroused when she's naked and I really like it when she rubs..." I'll just stop there. Even if one is a totally nonsexual AB, I can't imagine a group meeting to discuss whether I should wear boxers or briefs in my day to day life, and this is just another choice in the same underwear category.

    I would, of course, tell a romantic partner because that acceptance is really important to me, and I'd do so in private. I've told a small number of friends, individually, either because I wanted to relax around them and have them able to visit my apartment without worrying about putting everything away or because I wanted to discuss ABDL topics with them for support. All of those conversations happened at a time where we had privacy and a chance for undivided attention to ask and answer questions.

    Really, I think that's the most important part, if you're going to tell anyone, is to do it individually with a chance to pay attention and respond to that individual's worries and interests.

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    Wow, what a crazy dream. The last thing in the world I'd want would be a surprise intervention from family or friends. I guess if I had to choose, it would be family members because it wouldn't go further than that. Imagine friends and colleagues knowing. That would be horrible.

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    I have had the dream that I was outed, not that the close people to me don't know about my issues, but never an intervention dream, probably because what I wear is needed to keep my pants dry!

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    Yeah, holy, I don't like the idea of people knowing, I mean, family members and even some close friends know, but I chose to tell them and my choices were/are verrrry carefully made. I didn't post this dream to imply this would really be a good idea, it's just that I woke up thinking, Whoa what the heck? And who the (bleep) set it up in the first place? Did they really think inviting friends, rather than enemies, would make THAT much of a difference? What I'm saying now may seem contradictory to what I said in the original post, but it's not, really. I wouldn't want to have any such meeting occur in real life...but, this was kind of a "if worst came to worst and it did happen, what would you do?" kind of thing. That's all.

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    If this happened to me in the real world, I would be seriously depressed.

    Since I am an introvert, I would probably just keeping saying: yes, yes, I will stop, thank you, yes.... and promise to stop, anything to end the intervention.

    But, since this is most likely just a dream/fantasy, my wish would be that I could 'turn-the-tables' on the participants and get them to agree that there is nothing wrong with being an AB.

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