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    This is a thorny one. The fine line between enjoying age play, being AB/DL or little, but not crossing into pedo style behaviour.

    I know it doesn't need clarification, but I'm not a pedo. I have kids of my own, and anything involving indecent dealings with kids sickens and offends me. As I'm sure it does most people. We would all like harsher penalties etc, or even extreme physical harm to occur to these scum, and I don't need to go on about it.

    Now I'm a little, as is my girlfriend. We often play dress ups, enjoy wearing and wetting diapers or our pants, and like to indulge ourselves as consenting adults in age play activities. She likes to be around 3-5, more of a babyish age, where my little is around 9-12. I like the diapers or pull ups, but am not myself into the real baby age stuff. My little just wets his pants occasionally and wears protection to bed.

    A lot of my little side stems from childhood. I had a great childhood. My brother and I had no abuse, were well loved by both parents, and raised in a loving, secure environment. But I was a late bed wetter. I wore training pants and plastic covers, or a diaper to bed until I was 11 or so. I also had infrequent pants wetting incidents. More than my younger brother did, curse him! It wasn't regular, and there wasn't any physical cause, I was just one of those kids who wet his pants sometimes, the last time by accident when I was about 13! I wasn't punished anymore than perhaps scolded if I did wet myself, and was never punished with humiliation or diapers.

    My brother and I always peed in our swimsuits, and played a lot of peeing games when we could get away with it while playing outside. If one of us had a real accident, we would generally try and help each other, although we would tell on each other as well. He rarely teased me about my night nappy either.

    So I guess me growing up and turning into an adult little is explainable. I found security in my night nappy, wasn't punished if I wet myself, and enjoyed playing wet games with my brother. So I think that's why I find solace by playing as a kid from that age. It takes me back. Makes me feel carefree and young. I can regress and find some of the magic, but also naughtiness of childhood, and I do that by wetting my pants or nappy, and pretend that I'm a kid again.

    Where is this going you may ask? Well this involves something that I saw the other day that made me feel uncomfortable.

    I was at our local mall, browsing in a store, when I heard the magic words,"Mum, I really need to do a wee."

    I glanced beside me, and there was a mother and 2 kids. A girl of about 7, and a boy of about 10. The boy was wearing grey sweat pants, and was holding himself with his hand. His mother told him to hold on, she would take him to the rest rooms shortly.

    They kept browsing, the mother walking off a bit, while the two kids were looking at toys. The boy kept squeezing himself, and started marching his legs a bit. "C'mon mum, I've got to go" he moaned.

    I suddenly realised that I was watching him, and didn't feel comfortable with myself. I left the store and continued down the mall. Shortly afterwards I saw them coming towards me, the boy obviously desperate. He was making no effort to hide it, and was behaving more like a toddler than a ten year old. They walked past, and headed to the rest rooms, where he ran inside.

    This is the part I'm ashamed of. I hung around in a store opposite the rest rooms until they emerged. I wanted to know if he had made it, or had wet his pants. He emerged shortly afterwards still dry. He had made it.

    But then I realised that I was waiting to see if a kid had wet his pants. And that is wrong. I had no interest in the kid himself, and apart from saying he had dark hair and was chubby, I have no idea what he looked like. I wasn't at all interested in him, just if he would wet his pants or not.

    I think that I was seeing 10 year old me as him. Being desperate, holding on, in danger of a public accident. That's what my little side does when I regress. It wasn't the child himself, but rather his actions that interested me.

    But if I was at the mall with my kids, and thought that someone was paying undue attention to my child, I wouldn't be at all happy about whatever reason they had.

    It made me feel dirty and wrong, even though I know that the actual kid had no interest for me.

    Has anybody else ever found themselves feeling unnecessarily uncomfortable around a child because of their own little side or behaviour?

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    I've never confused little kids with my own desire to regress. They just never cross over. What does happen to me is when I have to be in a serious, adult mind. I work in the evening, conducting and rehearsing a number of choirs. I think I'll come home, put on a diaper and feel "little", but I come home as the adult. In fact, I sometimes don't want to leave the adult because I appreciate what "he" can accomplish as a professional.

    Before I go to bed I get diapered and then that's all it takes. I'm back to "little".

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    1) your attention to the boy could also be construed as concern since you are a parent a to whether or not he made it. I tend to pay close attention to kids when I'm out an it's not in a pedophile way at all, I like to watch the interactions they have with there parents because I was abused as a kid an it makes me feel happy to see a child with a happy family. I get a "yes! That kids lucky! That's so awesome" kind of feeling from it and on occasion I've ran into parents that were abusing their children and I was abletocall attention to it because of my habit.

    2) I actually find that my little side makes me better with children, I can relate to them on a deeper level than most adults and more often than not most parents don't mind.
    There was a barbecue this summer outside of my apartment and there were a bunch of kids playing with water guns and I was outside having a cigarette and I saw that they got bored quickly and wanted to go inside but there parents said no,

    So I went over and asked the parents of I could play tag with their kids and after a little hesitation they said it was fine (they watched me like a hawk lol) but I introduced like 5 kids to water gun tag that day and just yesterday I saw a whole group of them out there playing it and that made me smile.

    I think our society has demonized the interactions between adults and children to the point that we don't even trust ourselves anymore. I caught myself feeling shamed once for looking at a little girl in her Easter dress but she was so adorable! It wasnt sexual at all but I grew up in the strange danger era and we were taught that basically everyone wants to hurt you and no adult should ever talk to a child period if they are not blood relations or police officers and I think that's messed us up more than we even realize,

    I personally like seeing grown ups playing tag or hide and seek or something with little kids and I hate that so many people are afraid to just be innocent with children they know or even to take notice of a child in a public space for fear of being accused of something sinister when innocence still does exist.

    If I talk to a child in the check out line about the cute toy she's about to buy it does not mean I want to hurt her, just that her toy happened to be cute!

    Anyway im on a rant now. Lol

    - - - Updated - - -

    I honestly feel like as a culture we've lost a strong sense of community because we don't trust people anymore.

    It used to take a village to raise a child and now it takes one person an arsonal of weapons a barbed wire fence and a microchip to even come close to feeling safe.

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