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    On a different site chatting with a guy. He asks to see a picture of me in my wet diaper. I tell him I am plus size and all that jaz. He tells me no problem that I a plus size. So I send him a picture of me in a pair of shorts with a soaked diaper under. Can't see my face in the picture but you can see part of my chest. He sends a message back "your a guy I am going to delet you now"
    Thanks for the ego boost butt muncher.

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    That's rude but I wouldn't take it too personally. He was looking to hit on a woman, so any guy apparently wouldn't have suited him.

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    Agree with Trevor, nothing personal, he was just looking for a girl to hit on

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    Ya but being a female with this fetish already makes me feel a little freakish and then to be called a guy well..........

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    Don't feel bad, there are many, many, many people out there in this world. This guy was just one guy. there's someone out there for everyone keep your chin up

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    Anyone asking for pictures of that sort and in the tone you related isn't going to be the polite, friendly type. It's definitely nothing to do with you, and I suspect he'd have said something rude in response to any picture that didn't match his mental ideal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thehiddenme View Post
    Ya but being a female with this fetish already makes me feel a little freakish and then to be called a guy well..........
    Sorry, I didn't realize you were a woman! From the tone of your post, I didn't have any reason to dig into your profile, and most of us are guys round these parts. That's all the more appalling, then. I think you're off to a bad start with someone asking for pics early on.

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    The kind of individual who'll press you for diaper pics without even chatting to you first probably isn't the kind of person who would - A.) actually be worth engaging with / B.) offer any opinions on such pictures which weren't crude and offensive in some way.

    The ABDL community has a lot of wonderful people, but also a lot of sleazy hangers-on who don't seem to realise they're chatting with other people who have feelings. Ignore this idiot, what they said is no reflection on you - it's just that you didn't fit 100% with their fantasy view and they've taken that frustration and sense of sexual entitlement out on you. You won't be the first person that guy's done it to and you probably won't be the last.

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    Usually you have to answer a riddle to pass across the troll's bridge. You probably didn't answer it to his liking.

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