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Thread: abdl apparel?

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    Default abdl apparel?

    So I am looking to make and sell some abdl apparel such as t-shirts, sweaters and ect. By wanted to get your opinion on what you guys are looking for in terms of that stuff.

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    Go on ebay search adult baby and look at what sells .
    Know that quit a few of us are bigger sizes .
    There are some that charge a lot binkie and bows she started fare now very expensive .
    So her stuff sits.
    There was a person that made the cutest training pants they sell's but she quit making them.
    They had baby loonytunes. My little pony on them and others a few layers in middle.
    Just rember make a few 38" up to 42 for us bigger guys.
    Good luck

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    Footies and onesies are a bit more popular than t-shirts and sweaters as far as the AB market goes, but I'm sure you already know that. Search up "ABDL" on Redbubble and see what you get.

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    I have bought a lot. What I want most is jon jons, t shirts, cordouroy overalls (with crotch snaps or without) that really fit. I'm big.

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    I wouldn't mind a few footed sleepers that have a zipper that goes really down in the crotch or all the way down 1 leg like a real baby/toddler sleeper, also with a snap zipper cover, that would make then 1000x more authentic to me than any models sold currently by anyone, and please, if you can make then around 50$, it would be the max I would spend on that.

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    I have a pair of footed pjs that have the zipper that goes to the crotch and has the flap that covers the zipper pull on the top. It was part of's millitary line. Mine is an Air Force pj.

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    Bobbyboy: how do you know what jon jons are?? I LOVE jon jons!! And I love longalls too, if my ID name hasn't been a clue yet. Are you from the Deep South somewhere? I know that jon jons and longalls are pretty big down in the Deep South like Alabama and South Carolina and places like that. There are lots of little boys in the South that wear longalls or jon jons with peter pan collar shirts, kneesocks, and (in some cases) T-strap Mary Janes or English sandals. I'm from California and I've never seen a little boy wear longalls here on the West Coast, but the South is quite a different story. Seen lots of photos of little boys wearing those longalls and jon jons. It definitely is a Southern thing culturally, without any doubt. Very few people outside of the South (even most parents) have any clue what a jon jon or a longall is or what smocked clothing is, or any of that sort of stuff. I think longalls and jon jons are beyond adorable. It's rather old fashioned but I love it. I have many longalls and jon jons that are preschooler / toddler sized, I enjoy the smocking and details in the clothes. I want to get an adult longall that I can wear, but it's not going to be easy. Even the toddler ones cost about $15-25 on Ebay typically and if you buy them new, $45-70 isn't uncommon and that's for children's longalls! I've been quoted prices from people on Etsy from $80-160 for an adult longall. Very expensive stuff, even for little kids. A longall is much more dressier than overalls like say, Oshkosh B'Gosh. Oshkosh is nothing compared to some of these gingham smocked longalls and jon jons!! I want to move actually to Upstate South Carolina (Greenville / Spartanburg area). Love South Carolina. I'm not an established contributer, so it may be hard to get hold of me because I can't do private messages yet but if you want to email me, you can pm me and I will see if I can respond. Or if I can't, I could just give you my personal email. Take care -- Codi

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    Here's something I have yet to see- make kid-style 2 piece pajama sets in adult sizes. I see adult sized footies all the time, but no pajama sets ever. Make some fun themes like dinosaurs, race cars, rocket ships, etc.

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    If they are rocket ships, make them complimentary to the space diaper.

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