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    Anybody else have a public docket in your newspaper that lists details of police and sheriff calls? We do here, and it is one of the more entertaining portions of the paper. For example, here is one out of yesterday's paper:

    Sheriff's Calls

    A man and a woman who met on the internet met in person in the back of a Chevy Suburban near Interstate 75. Sheriff's Deputies told them to go somewhere else.

    While that one is entertaining, the funniest one was a couple of years ago when an older gentleman called the sheriff's office to report that his house had been invaded by a swarm of locusts and he needed help. When deputies arrived, they assisted him in changing his hearing aid battery.

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    Jay Leno often has a segment like this on the Tonight Show. It's pretty funny. There was one about a dog that appeared dead, but then they kept getting new reports of it being spotted again. Every time the police thought the dog was dead, it was just playing and was again spotted later causing trouble.

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    A while back in my town, two people try stealing one of those big screen TV from my Wal-mart. I'm pretty sure no one is going to notice you walking out with a giant box without paying for it

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    We have that, except it's called a Police Beat. Some are pretty hilarious, like this one: Mishka Bloglin Blog Archive BURRITO BABY

    I used to have a website bookmarked with a whole bunch of those. Cant seem to find it though.

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    Here it's called the police blotter. Recently a guy down the street hired a hooker off Craig's List and she got lost looking for his house. The neighborhood watch stopped her and her "bodyguards" and called the cops. They all got busted, the "john" too who probably would have gotten rolled anyway.


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