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Thread: I am a male... aren't I?

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    Default I am a male... aren't I?

    I mean, I like to wear womens underwear from time to time... maybe a skirt or something. I just would never be comfortable enough in my own skin to go in public. The best I can do is wear eyeshadow, nailpolish, and have panties on under my male clothes. If you ask me that takes some kind of guts for a femboy, right? Yet I'm always conflicted with my emotions. Part of me wants to just say screw it and do what I want, but the other half says no, just let everyone fall for the masuline disguise you carry on your face and in your strong walk. Now, I'm not shy, I used to be though.. .even.. anti social at times. Sometimes the past keeps haunting me and the social anxiety to comply with societal norms just pulls me away from who I am as a person. I am.. fairly masculine all around. I tend to do things such as but not limited to; baking, rollerblading, running, drawing, blogging, youtube, etc but even when I'm out in the public I just keep to myself unless the situation calls for me to be social. Now, I do have a masculine side and I am not ashamed of it, I just hate it because guys are always comparing their dick size to one another but I personally just don't care about it. I hate being around guys who brag and those who are so full of themselves they might as well be a walking penis or something. I hope I'm not too graphic for this side of ABDL and I apologise and will remove this post if asked to do so or at least edit it.. What do you guys say about a straight femboy? Thoughts? Ideas? Any helpful advice is appreciated, I will try not to lose my cool like I did in my "Serious post" post.

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    Honestly? It's perfectly natural and almost anyone will tell you the same Don't get me wrong some( okay a lot ) people(s) will tell you that's it's just weird or plane gross but lets be honest the only way something like this will affect you is if you want to let others keep you down. What you choose to do and what you choose to accept are what make you. And you never know some of the guys might be jealous you can pull it off .lol.

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    Everybody is curious, everybody experiments. Some are more open about it than others. Might mean something, but probably doesn't.

    Remember that to a large degree, clothing styles are an artificial, cultural thing. In other times and places, what we regard as feminine or masculine might be regarded as anything from silly to outrageous rather than a statement of gender.

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    Easy test to find out your sex is looking between your legs.
    You don't need to be a girl to wear a skirt, just like you don't need to be male to wear trousers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barush View Post
    Easy test to find out your sex is looking between your legs.
    You don't need to be a girl to wear a skirt, just like you don't need to be male to wear trousers.
    Such a profound observation !
    But reality sets in fast and it is unavoidable !
    Then there are those who wish that they did not have THIS and then those that wish that it was THAT that they have !

    Leaving the Garden no one cared about what was worn - fig leafs sufficed - then when the weather and location factored
    in most everyone donned a robe or wrap type of garment. Was fine until man had a need to ride a beast of burden and
    larger animal. Robes just weren't cutting it hence the split garment aka pants trousers bifurcated stove pipes etc. was
    born. Others in more mild climates adopted a shorten type of robe the tunic and the warriors made do with a short
    skirt with leather paneling for protection.
    This the start of Clothing 101 - - - - -

    Then the age of morality and things that should not be seen had to be covered.
    And an anti-movement - things that a person was born with should not be
    Well guess who won out on this - thus to this day the wearing of revealing
    clothing is considered taboo except for babies who don't know what sex is
    all about and could care less until - I want what HE has - and then the HE's
    well a small minority want what SHE has.

    Sexuality one mixed up nightmare for those seeking the alternate solution !

    BUT I find it great to wear a skirt kilt or dress in spite of all this !

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    Wear what you want when you want... if you look at clothes in general with the exception of skirts and dresses. Male and Female clothes are basically the same... If you don't feel confident to wear a skirt/dress in public get some female cut jeans or trousers and a plain top and give those ago... no one will know... i don't own any male underwear and regularly wear female suit trousers to work and no one has ever guessed... AND it feels great

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    Society is a funny think.
    It tells ppl what everyone they should think is "normal"
    A lot can not think for themselves, and just follow the crowd like sheep.

    I wish it was a society that's more open minded,
    so any one can wear what they wanted, no mater what is between there legs.

    Tho I would be scared and nervous to wear other clothes in public.
    Tho my likes are limited in what I like to wear.

    I do wear women's sandals.
    Unless you really study them, its hard to tell there women's shoes.
    Sometimes I do panties on rare occasions I am not padded *giggles*
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    Just yesterday I went out shopping for some panties and I got some strange looks from guys and girls who happened to pass by me while I was browsing for ones to pick out. Panties are the only article of women's clothing that I wear outside of my room because it is easily concealed but for everything else I stay in one place while wearing it. I would be scared to wear anything other than panties in public.
    You shouldn't really worry and you should be you and wear whatever you would like to wear.

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    I believe that it is perfectly A-OK for a person to experiment with things we feel that desire to wear.

    In the past, I've worn skirts, socks, bra's, panties, thigh-high stockings, pantyhose, tights( these all support shoes) & even tried a slip. I did all of this in my own home and no-one was any the wiser.

    As for the pantyhose & and tights that is anther story in it's self. I have to wear support on both legs because of vericose veins for the past 20 some years so they have just become another article of clothing, for those who are wondering, I do wear my pantyhose/tights with shorts all the time. The same holds true when I wear thigh-high support stockings. The Thigh- highs, I usually wear with my diapers at home or out and about. I don't feel like I need to go into the public domain dressed as a woman though.

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    Being a woman or being a man has literally nothing to do with what you like an everything to do with how you feel.

    I think it sucks so much that we have gender norms and socially acceptable gender expressions but honestly there's no harm with a boy who likes dresses and glitter or a girl who likes soldiers and race cars.

    Like what you like, just remember that your interests don't define who you are as a person

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