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Thread: How many do you wear whilst 24/7

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    Question How many do you wear whilst 24/7

    Just wondering, how many diapers do you get through in a week when you are wearing 24/7?

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    Around 30 boosted Abena M4 give or take a few depending if I'm having a good or bad week.

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    I use 3 to 4 a day for normal diapers, but if I wear ones like Dry24/7s or Rearz Spoileds, I can do it in 2. I'm on my last day of a weeks vacation and I used 20 diapers while being padded 24 7 for the whole week.
    It was Bliss!

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    It greatly depends on the nappy. I spend whole weekends padded on a semi-regular basis and have gone 24/7 on a couple of occasions, and I generally go through three a day, maybe four if I have a lot to drink. However, I don't wear anything less absorbent than a Tena Maxi.

    One of the biggest factors is going to be whether you go #2, since that necessitates an immediate change even if you haven't wet to anywhere near the nappy's capacity.
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    5-6 hours in a nappy is long enough if you want to stay fresh, longer overnight if you have the luxury of more than 6 hours sleep which is rare for me. So 28 minimum, preferably 35 a week would be enough for wets only. They are rarely on long enough to reach capacity or leak, i.e. the average number used is not so much related to absorbency or how much I wet, but my preferered maximum time between changes. After getting up I always shower and change immediately, have breakfast and then usually make a mess in the still-almost-dry nappy, requiring a second change. The next messy one is not so predictable, maybe after lunch or in the evening, sometimes both, but an extra one or two nappies a day is enough on average to deal with all the poo, making the total about 40-45 per week.

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