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Thread: Applied for my First IT Job

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    Default Applied for my First IT Job

    I applied for my first IT job, I hope it all goes well, Its general IT and seems like stuff I can do, fingers cross I get it

    I think I have a inner ear infection though, I feel off balance lately, and like I'm gonna faint, every so often, its either my mental illness or my ear

    Peace, any advice you wanna give me? what type of questions they ask ect.

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    No advice, but YAY! Hope it goes well.

    On second thought, some generic interview advice. See the following. You won't be asked all 50, but in HR, they will ask at least some of them. I don't know if there are right answers, but being able to answer without stumbling at least shows that you're interested enough to have put some work into the interview.

    Do as much research as you can on the company itself. That does a couple of things. 1. It shows you're really interested in the job when you can show that you've invested the time to find out about them.

    2. Some of the questions they ask you will likely be in the context of the company's business. Imagining in advance how your skills might relate to the company's improvement or continued success can help you answer questions intelligently.

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    So what kind of stuff does the job involve? And I had an ear infection once.. when I was 10. Worst thing ever, I felt faint and dizzy and my ear hurt so much !

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    Always answer the phone by saying "Have you tried turning it off and then on again?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeignExtra View Post
    Always answer the phone by saying "Have you tried turning it off and then on again?"
    And get lied to and told they did, so you setup a onsite with them and they call back half an hour later and say "I turned my computer off and it works now" (source: IT Guy here)

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    Maxx gave you some really good advise. I read an article in the Washington Post about interviewing, and Maxx hit all the important points. I did IT as an assistant at a junior high school and I enjoyed it. My interview was sort of silly. The principal asked if I typed and could I do Power point. I easily got the job. Then I learned what I had to do from my boss.

    Maxx is right though in that you should research the company, know things about the company that would impact IT and ask questions that you feel are important to you. When I interviewed for jobs, I always felt that I was interviewing them as much as the were interviewing me, and it gave me the confidence I needed to look professional.

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    I have always researched info on prospective employers in high-tech, and their products, which is helpful in interviews.

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    Thanks guys, I hope I do get the job because I'm dying for it, I'm failing high school, and think its best if I just ditch it and work on TAFE and find a job.

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