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Thread: Thoughts? Soaked diaper in public and gotta pee

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    Default Thoughts? Soaked diaper in public and gotta pee

    For those of you who wear all the time.
    If your diaper is soaked and you have to pee, do you go and risk a leak or do you hold it in until you can change?
    Since I pretend to be incontinent, I go anyway (maybe try and dribble). Today I was stuck on the train with a saturated atn and a full bladder (coffee + water). I slowly emptied my bladder over many minutes. Luckily I was standing and it didn't leak

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    Best thing to do is change before your diaper is saturated. If you have no other choice, it's best to be sitting down and wearing dark pants. I have had occasions when my diaper leaked and I got some wet spots on the back of my pants. Fortunately because I was wearing dark jeans the spots were not too visible, and I changed at my first opportunity.

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    I try to play this one by ear. If I have to sit and that means risking "spots", then I try to hold it. If I know I'm going to be standing, then going slowly is the way to go. It also has to do with what you are wearing, like Chuck, and I also agree with changing as soon as possible. The proximity to your next change is important.

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    For me, standing is always the preferred method for preventing a leak. Sitting puts weight on the padding and results in press out which, if very wet, will likely leak. Standing will allow gravity to pull liquid down to where you have the most padding and no press out (unless you sit).
    I would probably let go slowly and try to buy time until you can change. What I was wearing (longer jacket, etc.) and how far from a place I could change, would also determine my appropriate action.

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    I agree with the standing comment.

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    This is a very rare occurrence for me. I hold and release rather than dribble and I have a high capacity bladder. I generally know my diaper well enough to tell if it will hold or not. The closest I came was being out and about wearing a light use diaper and after wetting, I knew it would be a risk hours down the road where I wasn't going to be in a good position to change. I changed in my car to a diaper with a bit more capacity and went on about my business, safe from leaks for the rest of the day.

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    Never let you diaper get to the soaked state, I change after 2 full floods or multiple small wettings.

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    Metering the amount of flow has always helped me. If I let it gush, it doesn't go well.

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    If i'm in public I don't mind being very wet, but I wouldn't risk a leak.

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    I always at least try to have a few on me so that it never gets to that point, but ultimately if you can't help it and you're incon then there's nothing much you can do other than prepare lol.

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