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Thread: After you finish...? (mature content)

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    Default After you finish...? (mature content)

    Ok, here's a topic that I've always been curious about because I used to have these feelings when I was young.

    For those of us for which diapers are a turn on... If you hump...or masturbate in your diaper in any way, after you are finished, do you feel guilty or embarassed, i.e. the need to get out of the diaper right away as if you've done something wrong?

    When I was younger (between 14 and 25) I had that feeling everytime I finished. I don't have that feeling anymore, I can change into a new diaper and wear it all night now.


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    At least from what I've seen/heard, many many many people feel like this. So if you're asking if you were the only one(I think that's what you are) no you're not.

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    I do sometimes (many of the times), but it's also that I feel (well, felt, can't do that for a while now) that way, too, because I didn't wanna fall asleep in one and get caught...

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    I used to, and over the years it has gotten less and less. The only time it occurs is if I make a mess, so to speak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I used to, and over the years it has gotten less and less. The only time it occurs is if I make a mess, so to speak.
    It's not so much that I get embarrassed of it or anything...

    It's that I get exhausted, and want to get comfortable and therefore out of the diaper and into bed.

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    It's become clear to me that feeling this way is all too common. I used to feel it myself way back years ago when I first starting doing it. Kind of felt like a wasted venture that I spent so long building up to a short climax and eventually messing myself (in that manner). Perhaps from the exhaustion of it combined with the fact I've got this mess to clean up now made me feel a little... disgusted(?) with myself, looking at it going "What hath I done!?" But after a while those feelings subside.

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    Yeah, I feel that way almost every single time, although the effect has lessened over the past few months.

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    I get that same feeling, and I get paranoid about getting caught when I am done doing the dirty deed.

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    I did when I first started (about 12ish) but once I reached 14-15 'the guilt' just sort of went.

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    I've never felt ashamed or guilty after I finish, but the diaper just feels uncomfortable. I take it off shortly after I'm done.

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