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Thread: Diaper Thief..

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    Default Diaper Thief..

    I checked the forums already, but if this is already addressed, could you post the link? Also, first thread, so it might not be the best.

    Anyways, I wear at work and when I change, I throw it away in the bathroom trash can, and cover it with a few towels after I wash my hands. The other day, though, I went in a few hours later to change and when I went to throw it away, the first was gone, but the paper towels were still in the can. I've recently noticed the Janitor seems to need to clean the restroom or is cleaning the other one or is nearby when I am around.

    Am I just paranoid, or what is going on? What should I do?

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    Well, I don't think you need to do anything. You're throwing out your diapers like a normal person. I certainly wouldn't go confronting anyone about possibly taking them.

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    I'd just not say anything. If they bring it up then just say you need them or tell the truth or whatever.

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    In regard to the post about the perhaps maybe nosy janitor - he could become damaged goods
    if he starts to make issue or blab about what he finds unless it is drug related or illegal stuff
    that raises questions for the authorities.

    Be very careful about what you reveal about your job !

    I worked a part time job after hours at an athletic club cleaning restrooms and common areas.
    When empting trash from either of the restrooms and other places the stuff that was disposed
    of would make interesting discussion - but other peoples trash was not something for further
    discussion. Empty the trash and dispose of it and be done with it.
    That's as far as I am going with this reply.


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    Leave him a clean one in a bag with some smartass note, "here's one of your very own, enjoy!"

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    He may try to keep the smell down and removes just the one thing.
    Not dumping the hole can till the end of the day.

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    He may have wanted to avoid the oncoming odor from it, I am guessing it was wet? If not, then it certainly is suspicious, but not something to delve into at ALL... let it go, and just wonder about it for years!

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    That is pretty reasonable, I hadn't thought of that!

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    ... and I don't think anyone could be considered a "thief" in this particular instance. -Marka

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