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Thread: I Have A Bit Of A Problem (Too Many Diapers/Not Enough Storage)

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    Default I Have A Bit Of A Problem (Too Many Diapers/Not Enough Storage)

    I keep laughing everytime I try and think of ways around this. So I bought my first case of nappies without realising just how much space they actually take up. I live in a flat with 4 other guys, and although I have my own room any of them can come in (theres no locks on the doors). Now I'm all out of ideas of what I can do with these. I managed to fit like two packs into a spare drawer, but i still have 6 packs left.

    What do you guys do to store your diapers?

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    You could use a couple plastic storage bin or a storage unit from ikea with doors on it.

    If you are storing that many diapers it's hard to hide them all unless you get a lockable storage system

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    and or put them under the bed or sell them to other abdl's in the country where you live

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    Put a cover over them and make them in to a mini coffee table or if you have a devan bed cut the side open they are hollow so you have stroage in there you can use

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    At the moment, mine are stored in a locked bicycle travel case. Plenty o' room if you've ever seen one.

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    You can unpack them and try to store some individually

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    rent a small self storage space near you. keep all your "items" there, so there's no chance you get caught by a snooping room mate.You can go get what you want whenever you feel the urge.

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    Keep your overflow in a cardboard moving box in the closet, marked inconspicuously. Everyone has that one or two boxes they never get around to unpacking when they move. Think about your other hobbies or interests if you're drawing a blank. "Paint supplies and drop cloths", "Misc T-Shirts", "Manuals and Backups", etc. Putting a layer of said items on top inside/outside the box to allay any snoops might help.

    Close the top of the box with a strip of packing tape, then cut it open. Now apply a 2nd piece of tape over the 1st, so you can reopen and close the box without damaging the cardboard.

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