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    Have to say, its extremely revitalising being able to spend a day off work in diapers

    My supplies of Molicare were low (only had one left), so it was to be a cloth day, I wasn't complaining. Ultimately my goal was to avoid the toilet, and this has been achieved!

    After work yesterday I padded up in my last molicare for the evening, cooked myself dinner and lay in bed browsing the forums and watching movies. Before bed I changed into an Incocare (FuuBuu) velcro cloth brief with three thick microfiber stuffers and PVC pull up pants over the top.
    Another great feat, I woke up in the middle of the night and was able to completely let go lying down! Thanks to my stringent water consumption the previous day.

    For those interested, the FuuBuu velcro brief with three stuffers holds 1700ml before I had a very slight leak out the top of my plastic pants when lying in bed on my back. (I weighed it in the morning when I was ready to change)

    By late morning I eventually got up and changed, this time I pinned on a terry towel diaper with microfiber inserts, again very thick just like the night before.
    Did some catching up on shows until eventually there was some other "business" that had to be taken care of... no disposables left , and to avoid the hassle of cleaning up my cloth diapers, I found an old pair of underwear that I was planning on throwing out, and went full baby mode Admittedly, I did use the toilet to dispose of the mess afterwards.

    After a trip to the supermarket (without padding, unfortunately) to stock up on snacks and dinner supplies, It was time I got outside for a bit. Running while thickly padded is a challenge to say the least, but the sun was going down and the park I run at is relatively quiet. 2 kilometers in, I found a quiet spot and had to let go, it felt so naughty but so invigorating (and warm!). I felt so little just wetting myself in a public place, although with little chance of getting caught out!. Before leaving the park, I had to empty my bladder completely, this time a complete soaking and then a brisk run back home.

    Now I'm ready to pad up again, for another relaxing night in.

    Thanks for your time, I just had to share my day with you all, and I urge you to do what makes you happy

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    Sounds fun! Wish I could do the same, but there's too many people at my place

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