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Thread: Lurker no more. lol.

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    Default Lurker no more. lol.

    Hi all, this is the introduction of a long time lurker.

    I've been hanging about here for a while, I never really actually get into these boards for fear of a search engine turning up my username and giving away who I am, I'm pretty paranoid lol. Being on a shared computer doesn't really help much either. *clears history*

    Yeah so, I'm a normal dude who just started Uni, doing a bachelor of communications and cultural studies, which should be interesting. Previously worked as a salesman and am now looking forward to being a full time student for a few years.

    I play guitar a bit, I'm not exactly Paul Gilbert yet, but I plan to be. I sing in a metal band, not like death growls or anything, think more james hetfield meets phil anselmo and you're on the right track.

    I like working on my car (which is a bucket) and enjoy writing. Hopefully Ill write some ab stories sometime.

    As far as my AB interests go I'm actually more of a pacifier lover. That's what got me onto these sorts of sites, cos theres nothing out there for paci lovers.

    I'm not really personally into the diaper side of ab, but I enjoy being a daddy. I have daddied a girl once, but that story is almost a novel within itself, and not one with a happy ending.

    Yeah so, thats me in a fairly big nutshell. Any questions feel free to ask.

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    welcome, glad you decided to stop lurking.

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    Adisc is quite broad in it's scope, so being a paci lover you'll fit in. So many other things are discussed on this site as well, so it's always interesting.

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