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Thread: Can any of you wear a diaper in public with out being scared

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    Default Can any of you wear a diaper in public with out being scared

    When I wear in public or around my friends and family I wear them just like regular underwear. I don't wear special clothes, I don't wear baggy pants and I don't wear shorts/boxers over my diapers. I wear them just like I would underwear. Of course I don't wear a really thick diaper like dry 24/7 but I also don't wear a really really thin diaper ether. I normally wear northshore light or bambino. I have always felt that as long as they cant see my diaper I have nothing to worry about. I don't care if they see bulge or and out line of a diaper. If they cant actually see the diaper they have no proof I am even wearing a diaper. Being scared and paranoid of wearing in public or getting caught just ruins your life. I know there are people on this board who do get scared and paranoid or wearing in public or changing in a public rest room and I just hope they eventfully get over the fear because life will be so much better.

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    I don't usually wear diapers during day because it is just not very practical for me. But if I wear them in public, I do it because of experiencing the role of "victim", and so scary feelings are welcome. It is psychologicaly so complicated but still beautiful. I love my life.

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    Maybe. I also don't wear baggy clothes or go to crazy lengths to hide them either. I just sort of try to pat them down a bit and put on jeans or shorts or whatever. I've never worn in public but I've worn in front of my parents. I almost always wear jumpers and lots of the time I can't even notice I'm wearing them while looking in the mirror

    I think I would like to try in public sometime, maybe while out with a friend (that gives me an idea..) I think maybe I'll try it later in the week since I'm hanging out with one of my friends later on this week. She knows and is supportive of my AB/DL side so I guess it wouldn't be a complete disaster if she found out, but I'll still try to not make it obvious.

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    I'm in agreement with the OP. I wear in public without worrying about it. And I don't wear anything special over the diaper. Just whatever I was normally going to wear.

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    I'm sure 99% of the time friends, family or members of the public don't look at your crotch or arse , if they do your question is "why are you looking at my arse?"
    Also people respect privacy and confidentiality, you don't go and ask someone who has a disability whats wrong with them,

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    I'm in total agreement with AAO, I also wear in public without worrying about what others think. I don't wear any special clothing to hide that I'm wearing. . And I don't wear anything special over the diaper. Just whatever I would normally going to wear. Really, I don't give a rats ass what others think, I'm in my world and they shouldn't judge other people for their life style.

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    I wear to work most days and around friends and family without being nervous about being found out. I have no incontinence, but if I were found out don't feel too nervous about coming up with a convincing story baased on some leaking issue. I wear a Tena basic plastic brief that is pretty thin and discrete. Wearing something more obvious would be more difficult. I'm saddened to see that xp medical will no longer be carrying that diaper and am not sure what to wear next.

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    No worries wearing or changing in public, have no choice but to wear 24/7 for an OAB issue.

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    I did today, and didn't give a rat's behind what everyone else thought.

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