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Thread: Best clothes for being discreet?

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    Default Best clothes for being discreet?

    I'm pleasantly surprised at how well jeans hide the noise but I'm wondering if y'all have any other clothes that work well. Kinda want to traipse around in public a bit more.

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    I find my swim shorts I got from wall mart work good for hiding my diaper very good.

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    I don't wear special clothes. I wear diapers just like they were regular underwear

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    I wear overalls and shortalls so there's no risk of my padding being exposed at the top of my pants.

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    I usually wear boxers over my diapers to muffle the crinkling noise. I need to learn how to walk without waddling in them its hard to notice my waddling but I still do it a little just not nearly as noticeable anymore I've improved.

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    I've found that track pants do a fairly good job of hiding noise. I'll often keep a pair next to my bed if my kids wake up at night and I need to put them back to bed. During the day I'm fine with jeans or even dress slacks. I can hear the noise on occasion, but wouldn't notice others around me with the same noise. To me that means something.

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    Lightweight hiking trousers - the loose-fitting polyester-cotton kind. They have a natural rustle of their own, and don't look obviously too big if you size them loose enough not to show the lines of your nappy. A long, lightweight coat works as well.

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    I wear a onsie underneith my cloths to stop sagging or slipping. Then, Losse fit jeans, and a looooong shirt, and oversized hoodie that comes past my rear. that way their is no bulge in the back when they get wet, and they don't show when I bend over.

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    Cargo pants one size bigger. I like when the back pockets are on the outside to help hide diaper butt. Long shirt untucked does the rest.

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