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Thread: HELP! Custom Sized Sleeper Shop Recommendations Needed!

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    Exclamation HELP! Custom Sized Sleeper Shop Recommendations Needed!

    Hi there, it looks like I'll finally have a decent amount of cash next month and I was thinking of buying one or two custom sized sleepers as I've always wanted one, but several problems:

    - I'm 5'8 (so short for my weight) and a big girl at 280lbs (yay depression) and worry my weight will cause anything to tear/break if not sized a certain way so whatever is bought has to be SUPER DURABLE! SUPER IMPORTANT!
    - I need a place that ships to canada (and is AFFORDABLE with the ATROCIOUS conversion rate for the Canadian Dollar right now) as well as accepting Paypal as thats how I pay.
    - And lastly optional stuff might be nice, like mittens/paws and/or a hood, but mostly I'm fine with a standard footed zipper sleeper
    - Colors wise I prefer purple, red or black (or a combination of black and either) above all else so keep that in mind when recommending

    I'm looking to spend $75-100 CANADIAN INCLUDING shipping per sleeper but I may not buy two so consider that with places that are 'spend X to get free shipping')

    Hoping I can get some recommendations from you lovely people :3 please read my specifications above closely though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moosie82 View Post
    I priced out a SINGLE onesie at 165CAD. WAY too steep for me I'm afraid, GBP pricing is going to be the worst as it's essentially double $1CAD in value, CAD is worth 75 cents to each USD atm so it's still bad but not horrendous.

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    Hate to say it, but I honestly don't think you'll find what you are looking for in that price range.

    When you're talking custom stuff, the price goes way up. You can buy a shitty quality mass produced one from walmart (when they have em) for like $20, but it won't fit and won't last. To get something high quality made from decent materials and sized to fit you, is probably going to cost around what all-in-one charges. I don't have any experience with them, but jumpin jammers may be an acceptable middle ground if you can find something in your size.

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    thing is I've SEEN pricing for what I'm looking for before, unfortunately it was ages ago so I don't remember much else, but my brain keeps a reference of the range as doable :\

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    Default is the best one I know of, most others these days look cheaply made and rip you off for money sadly I don't think your going to find a better one if you do please post it but the is the best I known of for the last few years what I have seen, They create there's by hand to order and they use good stuff to make theres unlike others I have seen, like the link posted by the other person I would never wear things like that as that stuff makes me itch, they don't look right and I been told don't feel right

    Some big shops do sell them as nightwear give them a look.

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    I just had a play around on "" and I wish I could afford it too they have so many different options! and living in the UK means it would not cost me alot in postage! must now find money!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zebben View Post
    What about forever a kid?
    is that place even open still? the site seems unupdated since 2010....the prices do sound exactly what I'm looking for...can you confirm ordering in the past year?

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    You could try They might be able to do a custom footies for you. I'm not sure on their pricing but it might be cheaper then the AIO company. I love my AIO company footies though :3

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