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Thread: New AB Diaper Company

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    Default New AB Diaper Company

    Has anybody ever heard of this diaper company before? I just found out about it.

    They look like they are going to have a pretty cute diaper, and from a brief scan of their tumblr, sounds like it will ship world wide. Here is a picture of what it is supposed to look like.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks cute but imagine they'll ask for more money for it than its really worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boobybird89 View Post
    Looks cute but imagine they'll ask for more money for it than its really worth.
    Seems to be the trend with a lot of them.

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    They range from 1.80 euro to 2.20 euro per diaper. That works out to 2.03 to 2.48 USD depending on by the pack or case. Ten to a pack 80 to a case. Information found on their Tumblr.

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    What about pink? Are they pull-ups, tapes or both styles?

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    I like that the single-tape thing is getting more traction. More single-tape diapers, I say! (For an encore, how 'bout cloth-like covers with stretchy elastic wings--like Pampers!)

    And now for the obligatory put-down: Seriously? "Diaper Minister"? Who comes up with these names? And I thought "BKN" was bad... If you were going to name an AB/DL diaper company, wouldn't you strive for mega-cute and cuddly? I don't get it.

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    They look very cute ! And I agree with cottontail, that's not a very good name for an ABDL company

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    This seem to be very popular in many places, hope it really is worth the wait

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    Mmm...interesting. I'm enjoying the flood of new diapers on the market this past year. Just wish I had more money to try them all out.

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