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Thread: And she slept like a Baby...?

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    Question And she slept like a Baby...?

    Okay so I really need some help here, and I've done some digging on ADISC already but haven't found anything super useful other then a few common place tips.

    Long story short is I really struggle to sleep in diapers and it's something I really want to do, but just have never been able to make it through one night. I have been trying on and off for about 6-8 months now (maybe 1-3 attempts every two weeks) to try and just get comfortable with it, but it just doesn't seem to work all that well.

    The process is the same pretty much every attempt as well.. I get padded ready for a good nights sleep about 30-90 minutes before I actually get in bed to get comfortable wearing, I then go into bed all warm and snug (sometimes I try wearing a footed sleeper, which also doesn't seem to help) and then the struggle begins.

    I just cannot fall asleep. I know I'm in a comfortable position, I mean being padded is generally super comfy yeah? But it just doesn't happen. Eventually when I give in and take my diaper off, I fall out like a light within 5-10 minutes, but when I try and stay strong and last through the night I end up just lying there until 3am, 4am then 5am - and it gets to the point where I know I need to sleep but I just can't so I give in.. :/

    From what I've found so far people seem to say just sticking with it and trying to get used to it is the best remedy, but it really seems to be a struggle for me. Sometimes I can start to overheat down there (not sure if that's just a sweating thing?) but other times I can't seem to pinpoint what the issue is. Fear of being found in the morning is a potential cause, but I know that i know this isn't really an issue since it's highly unlikely being found this way.

    So any help or advice from all you experienced padded sleepers would mean the world to me because it's something I really want to experience but just can't work out what to do..

    Edit -- Maybe this belongs in the Diaper Talk topic. I'm not sure, feel free to move it if you need to Mods. :3
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    I think maybe it might be a fear of being discovered, in like you can't properly relax because you always have that subconscious thought that someone will discover you. I've never had this problem though so I'm not really sure.

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    Possibly wear thinner diapers- if you are not used to the bulk, it can cause issues, especially if you are a side sleeper.
    *might also help with the overheating thing
    *Try having one foot out from the covers. Apparently it helps regulate body heat -

    The footed jammies do the same thing - If they are the wrong size (too tight around your body), they can pull the diaper into your crotch and make it really uncomfortable
    *Finally found a pair of footed jammies in NZ, and they almost cut me in half

    What do you do to relax?
    Get into your diapers, and get comfortable - What do you do on a normal night?
    Do the same thing wearing
    Take up programming. Best sleeping pills ever invented. - Pro tip, don't eat the book.
    Or, do what you normally do, when you are about to go to bed, diaper up then, so it becomes a nightly routine, and you don't have the same excitement, or anticipation of going to bed diapered
    Its still a struggle for me at times

    **I just saw your other post.
    If you are living with family, it can get a lot harder, although, anyone using this site should be 18+ and should have had the - if my door is closed, parents keep the heck out
    Unless you have an annoying brother. I knock first :p
    Flatting - If you used to sleep with the door open, possibly get a fan and keep the door closed.

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    I've heard of the one-foot out technique but I haven't given it a full test out before, I might try that tonight to see how it goes. I certainly am a side-sleeper so I didn't consider the fact of the bulkiness. Although I really only have access to the one type of diaper. *shrugs*

    Interesting note about the footed sleeper too, It seems to fit perfectly in most places but it is a tad (just a tad) tight when I'm wearing a diaper in that area and also a bit uncomfortable on the feet covers.

    And I totally get what you mean about the programming, I do quite a bit of programming actually for side-work but it doesn't really make me fall asleep, it makes my brain whirl into action trying to process do while loops and such in my head which might be a bit counter-productive :/

    Might have to doing it back-to-back nights to see if that routine tip helps as well. Thanks for all the advice.

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    I really think it's a worry thing. Wearing more often should get you used to the feeling. I agree that it can take some time. If you are concerned about getting caught out, then this could be disturbing your sleep. I don't always, but I do actually prefer to sleep padded up.

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    I am a side sleeper. I usually put a blanket in between my legs to help support them so my diaper doesn't put too much pressure on them(I have a pretty bulky diaper at night).

    I'm curious, because I'm sure that you have tried wearing on a night that you were probably very positive that nobody would be coming in to your room to wake you up, and I would guess that you still have a fear of being caught. Do you think there is a chance that your mental fear over this could have something to do with a potty training experience? Like, bad experiences from wetting the bed or something? Sorry if i'm trying to be too psychological over this, just a thought that came to mind.

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    Sounds like it's the excitement factor. Wearing a diaper for pleasure is not entirely passive. It is a mental activity you enjoy, and any mental activity you eagerly engage in, like diaper play or programming, can interfere with sleep. It will help at night to disengage the mind from thinking about any of these activities. My feeble attempts at meditation sometimes made me drowsy, so it occurred to me that this might help out with my sleepless nights. Try this: after getting relaxed in bed start by taking several slow, deep, breaths. Then breathe normally and focus your mind on counting your breaths. Whenever your mind wanders off, and you start thinking distracting thoughts, gently make yourself get back to concentrating on only your breathing. Focus on every aspect of how your breath feels as it goes in and out, and continue counting every cycle. Count to ten and start over. Continue until you can't anymore because you fell asleep. This often works for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluttershy View Post
    Interesting note about the footed sleeper too, It seems to fit perfectly in most places but it is a tad (just a tad) tight when I'm wearing a diaper in that area and also a bit uncomfortable on the feet covers.
    Sounds to me like they're too small.

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    I had the same problem for years ..... I was really bad one night - took extra Benadryl (did have some allergy symptoms that were bugging me) and FINALLY was able to break the cycle and slept all night with the diaper on. After that is was much easier. However I still have to only wear a thin diaper so I cant freely pee in it because it doesn't always hold everything but soon soon. So it seems once you are able to last an entire night it gets much easier.

    Also - I ended up wearing every night for a couple weeks and didn't worry too much - if I couldn't fall asleep I took it off, if I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep quickly I also took it off and didn't get upset. Just listened to my body about what it could handle that night. I still follow this - if I wake up and get too stimulated there is no reason to have a sleepless night, diaper comes off and we play in the morning.

    Good luck!! Sleepy time tea sometimes is enough for me to relax as well.

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    I know how you feel. In the beginning I had trouble falling asleep in diapers too. Now, I can fall asleep, however I notice that the quality of sleep isn't the same, meaning that I feel more tired and less rested as if I slept without diapers. Needless to say that I don't do it every night.

    I don't know if the reason is the same but I agree with Drifter. I believe it's the excitement of wearing, at least it seems to be in my case. And like Drifter said, if I forget that I'm wearing and/or focus my mind on something else or take some deep breaths it helps a lot. However I can't quite still sleep well as I would like to.

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