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Thread: Telling a therapist

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    Default Telling a therapist

    Ok so my school has free consoling savable to anyone that wants to go and I was wondering if eventually I should tell them that I am an ABDL or not. And if i should tell them how should I.

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    Tell the counselor and report back to us what he/she recommends.

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    It is hard to come clean about this. But know that you're not the only one with the same issue! Be honest and forthright!

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    Do you want to see a counselor ONLY to talk about ABDL?

    If not, why are you going to a counselor?

    (You do not need to detail in this thread the answers if you do not want to.)

    My advice: If you feel the counselor could understand your situation better by you telling him/her about your ABDL, then by all means, tell him/her. If not, I would (at the least) hold off telling him/her until such time that you feel it would add to the counselor's understanding of your problem.
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    School? As in high school? If so, that's a really bad idea. School counselors are not bound to confidentiality.

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    No college and I have other personal things that are bothering me that I need to get of my chest and when i say consoler I mean therapist

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    I have told mine and she was fantastic. It all depends on your relationship with him/her. I'm still finding out a lot about myself because of it. Talking out loud about it is also good as it helps you to accept it more. When I first started talking I couldn't even say "I like to wear nappies" out loud. I didn't know until I tried saying it that I was ashamed of myself. So we've been working on my shame. She gets me to read out things that make me feel a little uncomfortable to make me get used to talking about it.
    Recently I've started wearing my nappy under my clothes to therapy. This is to help me feel more accepted and that, since she isn't judging me, I won't judge me as much.
    She also encouraged me to wear for self-soothing when I was feeling anxious and had the opportunity.

    The thing is, she's read a lot into my my life from this bit of information and lots of it has turned out to be true. It might not be a big issue for you but it can help inform the therapist about your other issues. For example, if you like pooing your nappy that can be an indicator of something that happened in your childhood.

    All in all, tell her was a very important step for me. The way I did it was write her a letter and emailed it to her a few days before the session. Note, I go to a lot of sessions so this is a long term thing I'm working on. I'm not sure how it would work in the short term.

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    My hope is that you get a therapist who is knowledgeable concerning AB/DL. Mine knew about it, but wasn't that knowledgeable because he said I'd probably outgrow it. We all sort of know that it's not something you outgrow. But if you get someone who's understanding, you might be able to make some good headway. I'm guessing you're trying to understand this as it pertains to you, why we have these feelings, etc.

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    Im happy that your more accepting of yourself, I have experienced that odd moment when talking outloud about nappies. It tends to bring it to existance in a way that one reacts more intensely to than when we just think about it in our head. I havent had a need to mention ABDL to my docs but when i meet other dls and I start talking about brands we wear and such topics I get a bit more concious of my self and wow is it awesome to know it brings comfort to talk about it without being embarrased.

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    You might start with a licensed sex therapist, as I expect they would have more exposure to ABDL issues and clientele. My therapist doesn't know a lot about it, but that's not the main reason I'm in therapy. More important to me is a therapist you can talk to who you feel doesn't judge you and doesn't make you have a lower self image or self esteem. If you can't honestly talk to your therapist, then you need to find a new one, because it isn't worth the time, energy, emotional investment, and money unless you can be your true self.

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