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Thread: Dreams about Diapers.

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    Default Dreams about Diapers.

    I've been wearing diapers a lot more often than I usually do, I had a dream I was diapered, why do I occasionally have dreams about diapers and what do they mean?

    There all in public too, what do dreams about diapers mean in the AB/DL community?

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    Sometimes I dreaming, normally is very intensive and with sexual charge... What does it mean ? Basically all dreams shows our (secret and/or intensive) wishes and fears (nightmare.) Is Incoscient.
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    That is a great question BluePanda. I am wondering the same thing. I do not have as many dreams as I used to but sometimes they are dreams about diapers. And I used to have a lot of dreams about wearing diapers when I was growing up like in middle school and high school. Most of mine revolved around needing to go to the bathroom and somehow I was able to get a diaper just in time. Or they involved some other people suggesting I wear a diaper and they would be totally ok with it. I am not sure what the dreams mean but I would imagine like CrazySmoker said it has to do with our subconscious. I really liked those dreams though so I never minded when I would have one.

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    I don't expect them to mean anything other than an indication of something you're thinking about. Most of my diaper dreams happen when I'm wearing. Typically, they're not a very significant element in the dream, although sometimes I remember that it's weird to be wearing obviously in public and reactions ensue.

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    Hehe. I don't know about this "subconscious" business. Aren't most of us here fairly conscious of our diaper desires? I don't think dreams need to be subtle reflections of our subconscious wants and needs. In this case, I think it's pretty obvious that they're overt reflections of our very-conscious wants and needs.

    ...but I'm no psychologist or psychoanalyst or anything. I just have a hunch.

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    I'll have dreams about wearing diapers in public, with a shirt and just my diaper. In the dream, I'm frantically looking for pants to put on. I'm probably having the dream because I went to bed diapered and I can feel the diaper while I'm asleep.

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    When I wear diapers a lot I start to have diaper dreams. Most of the dreams center around avoiding getting caught. There is a lot of anxiety in these dreams. I dread others finding out about my fetish. While I love wearing them in private I would be mortified if I ever got caught. This is all reflected in my diaper dreams. Typically I am desperately trying to cover up and can't find anything appropriate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post
    In this case, I think it's pretty obvious that they're overt reflections of our very-conscious wants and needs.
    Here inside of the community it is. But imagine there´s no internet/adisc and you´ll think the same like me when 10 - 11. I was thinking "Really I´m only that one on the world involved in this stuff ?" I´m sure some "insiders who´re rejecting or doesn´t know," have the same kind of dreams.

    PS: I realized I´m not alone for casuality. I heard some dialog of some guys about ABDL stuff - I was 12 and it was at 1993, so no internet anywhere...
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    My dreams are never this normal.. My dreams are weird, like I last night, I was walking thru a dark forest, when a goose attacked me and a small dog fought it off. I then kept the dog and it became a good friend and for some-reason, my house had a room for nothing but chickens...

    My dreams always are something like that. If I could have a dream about just wearing diapers in public that'd be great..

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    I occasionally have dreams of being diapered. They're usually desperation type dreams, like where I'm wearing a diaper but I don't want to wet it for some reason and I'm trying really hard to hold it but it's getting progressively harder leading up to an accident. I've had several of those, usually with the diapers being unnaturally thick or something. I don't ever wet the bed though, when it happens, instead I hit the point where I can't hold it and wake up, or just sleep through it but still wind up dry the next morning. Wetting in my dreams seems to have nothing to do with wetting in reality for me.

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