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    Default Can't sign into Yahoo

    Has anyone ever had issues with Yahoo where it won't let you log into your account and couldn't recover it so you had to open a new one?

    This just happened again. It says my password is incorrect and I can't reset it online either so it said I would have to contact customer service so I did and I still have to hear from them. I called and emailed them too.

    I wonder if my account was hacked and they changed the password on me. Fortunately I didn't have my real name on it or any card or bank information. Or did they close it on me? I haven't done anything wrong that would violate their term.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    Has anyone ever had issues with Yahoo where it won't let you log into your account and couldn't recover it so you had to open a new one?

    This just happened again.
    Give it a while and try again before getting too worried. As it turns out, I can't log into my Yahoo! account right now either. I get "Temporary error: 14", whatever that means. Basically, something's messed up right now. Your password is probably fine.

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    It says password is incorrect. I am not getting that exact same error you are.

    But yet I am still logged in my account, I just can't access my account information or my email because it is asking me to sign in again. That reminds me of the time when a moderator changed my password on another forum and it said I wasn't logged in but my computer acted like i was still logged in so I was still able to post but i couldn't access my PMs or my account information. That is what happened when I was still logged on the forum and using it and the moderator just changed my password locking me out of my own account. I think this still happened while I was away because I am always signed in and I come home and can't sign into my email but yet I am still signed onto yahoo but not on messenger.

    - - - Updated - - -

    It keeps saying "please enter your password" after I had entered it.

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    It got fixed and then I started to get failure delivery notices in my inbox so I changed my password again and still the same problem so I reported it as hacked and the bounced emails stopped. It was sending things to facebook from my email. Then few days ago I was automatically signed out of yahoo and it said password incorrect so I go to yahoo mail and right after I sign in again, it takes me to a page to create a new password and then i was back in again. Very weird.

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    I don't know if the two are related, but Facebook was down 4 times this week.

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    I had a yahoo account once, this was way back in 2004-ish. I lost my password on it, and they locked the account. I used fake info for it, I couldn't remember it; so it's gone for ever. Which was a shame since I had some AB/DL friends on yahoo chat from the old DPF days. One even brought me some diapers and plastic pants.

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