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    Over the years I have found I have a strong submissive side to me. I like to please my wife over myself and I like to not be in control of things. For about 3 months now I have had this dream where she had me get diapered with my garywear over top and a onsie over that to hold everything secure in place. Then she makes it so I can't use my hands by making me hold a sock and wrapping them with saranwrap and tape. I have mentioned this dream to her in passing but never acted upon it.

    I took vacation for a week and have been diapered everyday and night but the time I'm at school. The other night she made a comment to me about she wished I would wear my onsie to bed cause she likes the way it looks on me. Well lastnight I went to laydown a little earlier then her and I got all changed added a northshore xxl booster an decided to put my onsie on. While laying there the dream popped into my head so I got up and went into the kitchen to get the saranwrap and headed back to the bedroom. After her show was over she came into the bedroom and I brought the dream up to her again. She looked at me with a smile and said that means you won't be able to change when you get up and you'll have to wait for me to free you or change you. I proceeded to hand her the saranwrap and told her I would like to try it out and that if she didn't like it I wouldn't ask again.
    Well this morning I woke up and she had a baby bottle sitting on the nightstand next to my side of the bed with a note. "Went into town for some dog food and groceries be back in awhile". I was a bit nervous as I had to pee really badly and I didn't want to leak from a flood. So I let the flow out and slow as I could and in spurts letting the diaper do it's job of absorbing it all. After relaxing again for a bit as I couldn't do much of anything I was a little thirsty so I grabbed the baby bottle with both hands and proceeded to drink out of it. Now I'm not an AB so this was a little odd to me but what else could I do with my hands useless. She came home and found me drinking from the bottle. She walked passed me not saying anything and proceeded to put the stuff she had gotten away. I waddled into the kitchen as my diaper was really full and asked if she needed any help. She turned to me and said "No your not going to be much help like that" and she went back to what she was doing. I stayed in a very soaked diaper still peeing every now and then trying to get out the full morning pee for almost another hour. She came into the bedroom and rubbed my crotch causing an instant erection. She was amazed at how soaked I was and undid my onsie snaps and pulled my garywear down to look at the diaper. She looked up at me with a smile and said someone needs changed and since your helpless I'll change you. She put me into a fresh diaper pulled my pants back up. Snapped my onsie back up and kept me helpless for another 3 hours. Was the best morning of my life.

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    That sounds absolutely heavenly. Your wife is quite a gem.

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    So did she ever say whether or not she will want to do it again?

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    Lucky you, I have been having a very similar fantasy lately. My wife is very good and understanding but I still get to shy to ask .

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