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    I was wondering your thoughts on what one is better? The Northshore supreme or the absorbancy plus from xp medical. I have worn the Northshore cause they send free ones with orders from there but haven't tried the xp medical brand as you have to pay for a sample of them no matter how much you spend at the site. I find the Northshore a very good product though my go to diaper right now is the Abena M4 or for the really humid weather here on warm days Molicare Premiums cloth backed. Though I want something thicker since the cooler weather is coming up and been thinking of ordering one of these brands. What one do you like best and what makes it stand out!

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    First, they are both great. To cut to the chase, I would say the Northshore is the superior diaper. Absorbency is amazing. It has leak guards and fits well.

    The Absorbency + does not have the leak guards and may lose out on total capacity ity, but it has the advantage for fit and feel. There are more sizing options available and it is overall a softer more supple feeling diaper.

    I'm sure there will be more opinions.

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    The Absorbency + does not have the leak guards
    I wear level 4 and they hold just as much as Bambino's and don't leak even when laying on your side and peeing.
    I don't see why they would need leak guards

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    They are both great! However, I prefer the stiffness of the NorthShore Supreme. It makes me feel good

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    I haven't tried either but most of the reviews I've read say that the Northshore is the superior product. XP has made some minor improvement to the A+ since it first came out but it's still a pretty basic product competing mostly on cost and absorbency. Personally, I'd be more interested in a comparison between the Northshore Supreme and the Dry 24/7.

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