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Thread: Why switch to abdl diapers

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    Default Why switch to abdl diapers

    I want to hear your thoughts.
    I have been happy with medical diapers - tranquility atn, m4, depends, wellness, attends, tena.
    I am a DL so I am not interested in prints. What makes the abdl diapers (bambino, rearz, cushies, sdk) worth the extra expense? Is it the extra comfort, extra absorbency, crinkleness? Or is it only the prints? I haven't tried bambinos or rearz or any abdl diapers before. Acquiring them will be more complicated and I am just unsure whether its worth the trouble if its only for the design. I may do it if people truly like the diaper itself more than the aforementioned.

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    Aside from the single tapes to a side from ABU Cushies and SDKs, there's not much reason to go with AB diapers. Bambino's are excellent but they have Biancos with no print or their adult incontinence product, Total Dry X-Plus, which is the same as a baseline Bambino. Rearz also has Inspire, which is plain white. Snuggies Overnights are matched by their all white Snuggers. The only thing you can't match without a print is Bambino's Bellisimo. It's their most absorbent/highest capacity product but I often find it to be more diaper than I need. You can determine that for yourself.

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    Capacity. What medical diaper can take on Bellissimo? A great overnight diaper. Comficare L10's are every bit as amazing, if you can get them.

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    I'd say that the ABDL ones can't be beat when it comes to capacity. There are some thick & absorbent medical ones. But it seem like all the ABDL ones are highly absorbent.

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    I really enjoyed Teddy Bambinos. I think they are the best Bambino for the diaper. I would get these all the time if they were cheaper. I am using tranquility ATN now, but I do enjoy Molicare. Love the purple and I've never been able to wear one long enough to leak one.

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    This DL has a mix, and besides the great quality of some of the ab diapers likes the styling too. If you were wearing underwear, whity-tighties are boring and plain and there's a plethora of designer underwear available to spice things up in cut, functionality and visual appeal. I see diapers the same way, really don't like medical prints and writing on my diapers and the prints add a lot of fun and variety to my 24/7 diaper wearing. Now if only I could convince an AB company to make a puppy dog print! (Woof!)

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    I really like the prints but it's the cost I don't like. But I notice the medical premium diapers are cheaper.

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    I am a DL and don't care for the prints but i love a thick high capacity diaper.

    Right now i wear A+ level 4 from XP medical but have wore Bambino Biancos.

    For me the A+ Level 4 are the best cost wise for me at this Time.

    They will beat cost per oz capacity over tranquility atn, m4, depends, wellness, attends, tena.

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    Red face

    I can think of a few reasons to chose ABDL diapers over medical grade incontinence undergarments.

    - ABDL diapers are usually made from higher quality materials. Since they aren't trying to compete on cost for your insurance dollars, they can afford to use higher grade materials; Thicker plastics, better tapes, more SAP, better wicking, softer lining, etc.

    - ABDL diapers are generally higher capacity. While there are a couple high capacity medical grade undergarments, Most don't even come close. Even those that do, such as Abena X plus and Dry 24/7 are still only hitting the mid range of ABDL capacities.

    - ABDL generally use more SAP. That means more swelling, and more bulge between your legs. It also means you won't press out liquid as easily, or get the gravity leak were a medical grade garment will sometimes drain when you sleep on your side.

    - ABDL don't try to be discrete. While medical grade undergarments strive to be quiet and unobtrusive, ABDL diapers strive to make you more aware that you are indeed padded. Thicker than necessary padding, louder, crinklier plastics, colorful prints, the previously mentioned swelling when wet, and some are even scented. Some medical grade garments are so like normal underwear, that you can forget you're in a diaper. ABDL Diapers by design never let you forget.

    - ABDL diapers are cute. Even if you aren't an AB, walking around knowing you have a bunch of bears on your butt is it's own kind of awesome.

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    I usually switch between Molicares and Bambinos because they each hold their own charm. I personally generally prefer wearing Molicares just because of the way they feel and how snug they fit, but Bambinos (Classicos specifically) are good for when I want to get into my babyish headspace; the extra thickness and the prints that say "Baby" on it are usually good at doing that.

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