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    I just ordered a pack molicare super plus. How good are they? I usually wear off the self Wallgreens which are cloth backed. What should I expect?

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    I personally like them. They a great fitting diaper and have some thickness to them. Plus they are one of the few small diapers.

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    Some years ago, these were near the top of the heap in terms of absorbency. Recently, though, with the introduction of several new "super diapers," they're actually now in the middle of the pack. But they're still one of my favorites, for three reasons:

    1. Tapes that NEVER let go. This diaper rarely leaks until well past its capacity because of the snug fit you can get, and it never loosens.
    2. Wicking. Unlike so many diapers with incredible absorbency numbers, this one actually lets you use the entire diaper. Wet it slowly and you'll use every bit of material, front to back.
    3. Discretion. They're not as thin as Depend diapers, but they're not much thicker, and offer waaaaay better protection. Under normal street clothes, NO ONE can tell you're wearing a Super Plus.

    Some will love the purple color (I don't care), while others will point to the plastic cover (I don't care), but nearly everyone loves this diaper for what it does best: make you feel secure and protected.


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    The Molicare Super Plus are great diapers. I don't think you will be disappointed. And like DBM said, they are one of few small diapers out there.

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    The Molicares are my "go-to diaper". They're the ones that I wear the most. I like the softness on the inside, the high leakguards, and they absorb a good amount. If I'm getting basic medial use diapers, I get them.

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    I like em because they hold a lot but I have trouble with the tapes and hard t keep up when wet

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    They are the best wicking diaper I have ever used. For me they seem to have a good absorbency. I just don't seem to fit them that good. The big factor that keeps me from using Molicares full time is cost. They are expensive.

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    I think they are pretty good, I have had tape problems with most premium diapers, but not these.

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