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Thread: New York Post article

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    Default New York Post article

    I happened upon this article in the New York Post:

    This guy was appearantly among other things into abdl. And his wife allegedly suffers from post traumatic stress disorder because of it.

    Is this guy an asshole or are we all in reality as "twisted" and sick as he is described as? Should we reconsider our own sexual, or in some cases non-sexual, hangups?

    To me it seems the worst things he did was to bring his wife against her will into his strange, compared to a lad who is just into a lady's vagina, sexual fantasies and to stalk his female boss. But the article make it sound like the weird sexual fantasies themselves was his worst crime.

    But it too does seem like he was excessivly living out his sexual fantasies, and selfishly over-indulging in sexual gratification. Maybe that is morally wrong, even if the fetishes themselves aren't necessarily wrong albeit admittedly weird.

    The thoughts of the forum?

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    Her first mistake was sticking with the guy for 17 years. They were clearly incompatible, this was ONLY going to end in a trainwreck, she should have gotten out a hell lot a lot sooner. I can never understand why people try to 'stick' with marriages when they are as unworkable as this.

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    This individual simply makes us all look bad.

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    It looks like lazy, sensationalist journalism to me. Maybe the guy was a cruel manipulate bastard who tortured his wife by forcing her to endure "depraved acts". Or maybe he had some odd kinks and his ex-wife is maliciously manipulating the courts to make it seem like she deserves all of his money.

    In cases like this, I think it's worth ignoring the news. There's not enough information to make an informed opinion either way. It's probably just one lawyer trying to skew the truth to his/her advantage versus another lawyer doing the same. Just a lot of untruthful mud-flinging!

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    Quote Originally Posted by caitianx View Post
    This individual simply makes us all look bad.
    Don't feel like that! You're not responsible for his actions! :-)

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    I think Tiny is on to it. She was perfectly fine living with him for 17 years until she decides to get a divorce. Then suddenly, all of this is reveled and she has PTSS. I'm not buying it. She just wants to get more alimony out of him now that she's divorcing him. Frankly, he makes me feel pretty normal, so there is that.

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    Being this is all coming from one side of the story, I will take her feelings with a grain of salt. Something happened that convinced her to end the relationship and disclose this all to the media. I'd be curious to find out what.

    I am always amazed at public figures and their sexual escapades.

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    The article probably exaggerated and blew things out of proportion a bit just like basically every news related thing ever these days. It certainly sounds a bit biased and rubbish. But I do agree that perhaps he did prioritise pleasure and himself over everything else. Though I will say, the article bases everything on her personal interpretation of events without talking to anyone else. If she was that "traumatised" with him then she should've left him rather than spend 17 YEARS with him only to now blame him for causing PTSD and acting like he's the worst person in existence. The article is very carefully written to make her opinions seem like factual statements. Typical sensationalist crap if you ask me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Frankly, he makes me feel pretty normal, so there is that.
    Ha ha ha! Yep -- there definitely is that!

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    I tend to take most stories from the New York Post with a big grain of salt. The reality sounds more like what Tiny said above. I highly doubt their marriage would have survived as long as it did if his kinks were causing that much trauma on her.

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    This is why I hate sensationalist journalism. It covers stories that may or may not be true and tend to not matter in the grand scheme of things, while ignoring stories that might not be as eye-catching but are very important.

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