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Thread: Nappy Season!!! happy season?

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    Default Nappy Season!!! happy season?

    Is yet just beginning upon us. It's made me so happy in the last week, because having come back to university has been my chance to be back in my nappies after all summer of not being able to wear much; living with my pops.

    But when I'm away on my own, I just love to try to live in diapers 24/7. All summer, maybe it was the increased vitamin D in my blood or what, maybe just the inconvenience involved in summer time nappies at the folks house.

    For the last two weeks, I've been in diapers almost like all the time - had a sudden bout of poopies today that I was soooo tempted to relieve and I would have felt wayy better. But the clean up from that kind of mess, was worth holding it; but I virtually ripped my diaper off almost to sit on the potty.

    Really though, this is how I've been feeling lately. Just completely submissive and lonely. My diapers everyday, remind me that I'm a useless and dirty rotten person, and while enjoyable; this diaper love and insatiable desire to risk my social status to remain padded in wet - sometimes leaky diapers, is the only way I feel comfortable in my pissy little diaper world; only deserving of my incurably foul psyche to reside in leaking diapers, soaked plastic panties, and wet jeans

    Sorry to bombard, don't really know my direction here; just trying to instigate a conversation about the daily joys/hassles, fears/remedies, embarrassing moments - and the even more embarassing moments.

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    Our interests or fetishes do not shape or determin what kind of people we are. Although I don't know you, I am sure you aren't a useless person.

    I wear at night (i like to and sometimes I have or nearly have wet the bedd from not waking up from those 'need to pee' dreams. I wear my orthopedic braces (another of my fetishes) when no one is home, Id like to wear the orthopedic braces in public but it would prompt some questions and cause confusion.

    I often think after I have indulged, why I am doing this and it feels disgusting sitting in a dirty nappy, but it subsides quickly.

    I'd say if I was in a relationship I may lose interest in nappies and braces as id say its a substitute for sexual contact etc.

    My biggest fear of course is being discovered and laughed at or thought of as an odd person, although my parents have discoverd my items once, I think they have forgotten.

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    Useless and dirty rotten person? Incurably foul psyche? You need to give yourself a break. I might agree with your assessment if you felt no empathy at all for anyone and had no restraint in harming others, but wearing and using diapers for enjoyment does not, in itself, make you a bad person, despite the element in society that might claim it does. The social risks are very real and you will have to deal with them as best you can, but, more importantly, you have to deal with the false, negative thoughts about yourself. If you don't recognize that these thoughts are wrong and self defeating I would suggest counseling. If you have already tired that and it was no help I would suggest finding a different counselor.

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