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    Default A question for people experienced ordering from Bambino...

    If I order the free shipping, is there any way to track the exact day it will arrive at my home? Since I have never ordered something without my parents knowing, it is important that I not let them see this. (I plan to spend all day downstairs and disable the doorbell so I can take my package undetected. Very risky, but my hunger for great diapers is very strong.) Please help.

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    Hey man, free shipping usually doesn't come with the "track package" perk, as that is an extra cost in shipping. Although you could kindly ask bambino to give an estimate as to when it would arrive. Another thing you could do as well in the future is have them shipped to the nearest Mailbox Etc., or UPS Store, and tell them to hold it for you...that way, when they arrive, they should call you letting you know that you have a package in, and that you (and only you), can pick it up!

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    I don't know how Bambino ships, or if you can make it to you local post office; You can have mail sent to your local post office and they will hold for pickup.

    USPS - Receive Mail at Other Locations

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    Ultraman is right that the UPS Store is the way to go if you want to be in absolute control of when and how you receive your package. If you can drive and have access to a car, that's easy. If not, it's obviously a bit trickier.

    But in answer to your question, there is a way to track the package via UPS, and it's free of charge. When you complete your order with Bambino, they'll send you an email that has the UPS tracking number of your package (once one has been assigned). Once you have that, you can enter it on UPS's tracking page here: UPS: Tracking Information

    This will update with new info every time your package moves from one location to another (picked up in Ohio, sent to a distribution center in Texas, on the truck for delivery to your house, etc.). The only problem is it doesn't give exact times. So it won't tell you that your package is expected to arrive at your house at, say 2 p.m. But it's usually pretty accurate.

    There are even widgets that you can install on your computer that connect directly to UPS Tracking so you can watch it whenever you want.

    Again, there are no guarantees though. I can't recommend the UPS Stores enough. Just search for one in your area here - The UPS Store: Locations

    They charge a $5 fee for having UPS packages sent to them, but you can pay in cash when you pick the package up. It's super easy and the Bambino packages are incredibly discreet. If you don't have a car, maybe there's public transport in your area? Anyway, hope that helps. I order from Bambino all the time. They're ridiculously expensive, but sooo worth it.

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    Well if you have your mind set on the bambinos, i don't really know who they ship by, they might ship by ups ground in which case they will give you a tracking number. Or if they ship by something else they will tell you who they ship it by and the particular method by which they ship. For example, if they ship by USPS (regular mail) they should tell you if they ship it by parcel post or media mail etc. then you go to, go to calculate postage, then calculate domestic postage, Then select package or large package, if ordering a case i imagine it is a large package, then you can enter the weight of what is being shipped(bambino should tell you the shipping weight during checkout) and the zip code of their warehouse (94063) and your zip code. Then enter the date when bambino will ship it out. And the shipping time is probably before 4 O'clock.
    then it will tell you how long each method of shipping will take, although it is estimated, my sample pack came a day earlier than expected.

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    I *think* they send via USPS and they give you a tracking code. I dug through my email looking for my email confirmation, but it's discreet to the point that I can't be 100% sure that this is the right email. I do vaguely remember knowing when they were coming, because I had them sent to a UPS store to pick up and I knew when to go without them calling me.

    Anyway, the timing on the email is about right (last June or so), but not positive it is. Though, even with tracking it's not guaranteed to be correct, and doesn't always update right away. If in doubt, I'd have it sent to a mail store for pickup.

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    I cant promise anything, but i'm ALMOST positive I got a tracking number the last time I ordered. (It was definitely either UPS or FEDEX). idk, sry

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    Which carrier they use may depend on what quantity you order. I ordered a single bag, just for reference.

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    All that info is on their FAQ page. UPS for orders of cases and bags, Post office for samples.

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