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Thread: HELP!! College Roomate found some of my diapers

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    Default HELP!! College Roomate found some of my diapers

    Ok so I keep my diapers in my drawers and when I was gone to class my roommate said he tried to find the advil and he couldn't find it in any of my drawers. What should I tell him if he asks why I have them.

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    First, I would ask that in the future, your storage space and privacy should be respected. Speak clearly and calmly, and without making him feel defensive enough that he might use this against you later.

    Secondly, it depends on what kind of diapers he may have seen. If they're plain "medical" adult diapers/pull-ups, try saying something like, "sometimes I need them. It's not something you need to be worried about, and you can count on me keeping it discreet and sanitary. I'd appreciate you keeping this between us. I hope finding them didnt make you feel uncomfortable. Do you have any questions or concerns?" He'll assume that you need them for medical reasons, and typically college kids are compassionate enough to keep a secret like this.

    If they were printed ABDL diapers or something marketed as a children's product, you may have to take a different approach, which is harder to articulate here.

    If you do choose to admit that they are for recreational/sexual use, some important things to touch on would be:
    -you're not a pedophile
    -you would appreciate his discretion
    -he can expect your discretion when wearing/using as well
    -share that you're open to hearing his thoughts or concerns, and that if he's confused or curious and wants to communicate about it, you may be open to that
    -understand what his boundaries might be. Maybe a code, like the age-old necktie-on-the-doorknob, would help you both feel safe in your shared space.

    If you feel like replying with more specific info about this event, it might help me and others give you more pertinent advice.

    Big hugs!

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    Me might not even ask but if he does it's your call really. I guess lie about it if you're good at it, or you can tell him the truth. Not sure what I'd do, but I probably wouldn't hide them in DRAWERS in the first place

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    First off he should have never gone through your drawers.
    Secondly do not bring it up unless he does and don't even talk about them or mention them and if he does you can either tell the truth or you could make up some kind of lie and pass it off as a medical issue or something.
    When I was in college I did not hide them in my drawers, I hid them in a storage area on my side of the room that was above the door that was kind of hard to get to. I would advise that you find a better hiding spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleabjames View Post
    Ok so I keep my diapers in my drawers and when I was gone to class my roommate said he tried to find the advil and he couldn't find it in any of my drawers. What should I tell him if he asks why I have them.
    Bummer, dude! Hopefully nothing too awkward ensued. Like you, I stored my diapers in a drawer in my dorm room and didn't worry too much about it. I did, however, lay my underwear over the top of my diapers, so a quick glance into the drawer by an unsuspecting person wouldn't have been an instant disaster. I also figured that my roommate wouldn't be too eager to be caught going through my underwear drawer. Thankfully for me, things worked out. On the last day of school, I did thoughtlessly allow my then-girlfriend to help empty and pack my drawers, but realized what I'd done and redirected her before she'd gotten to *that* drawer.

    It's possible, I suppose, that your roomie was so laser-focused on spotting a pill bottle that he didn't realize what he was looking at when he found your diapers, and just went on looking elsewhere. One can hope!

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    I'm pretty much going to echo everyone else in if he doesn't bring it up don't bring it up. You might be tempted to worry about him telling other people but think about it who's going to believe him. Also another point is its not really any of his buiness frankly. You don't owe him an explanation just because he found it. I know that sounds kind fo harsh but it's true. It's what I told my mom the second time she found my stash. He didn't have any business being in your stuff, and that fact that he found something is his fault not yours, and you don't owe him an explanation. if anything he owes you an explanation for going through your stuff. Sorry if I come off as a bit mean but you shouldn't feel guilty or embarrassed in any way if he went snooping, even if the snooping wasn't intentional, and found something, like what did he expect to find.

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    Since he was looking for the Advil, I don't imagine he'd be concerned about the diapers. If he does bring it up, just tell him they're for medical reasons or tell him the truth.

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    If he definitely saw them, then not much point hiding them in a different place.
    Just carry on as normal and don't bring it up unless he does first....if you move them to a different place he'll know you're trying to hide something. IMHO just act as normal as you already have been.
    He may check back in your drawer to make sure he did see what he think he saw and whether any are gone etc....
    I guess I'm saying that he knows.... and nothing is going to change that and the only thing that will change anything is if you get defensive about it.
    just my 2c

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    Don't worry about it, just carry on as nothing happened if he probably won't ask as a lot of people young and old need diapers 24/7. If he asks and he probably won't just explain you need them and leave it at that. So don't stress and remember when You wear diapers for medical or for fun it's not a matter if some one will find out but when.

    I think my Boss and a customer saw the top of my diaper while I was installing a cable under a desk nothing was said and I have decided not to stress about it.

    Just relax consentrate on school and don't stress what you can't change he may not even have thought twice about it

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    I feel like if he didn't say anything to you originally, you shouldn't bring it up. He was probably more embarrassed than you are.

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