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Thread: How to "play" with toys?

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    Default How to "play" with toys?

    I know this might seem like a weird predicament, but I basically don't know how to "play" with toys anymore.

    It was easy when I was 8, heck, even 10 or 11. Now though, I have no idea how to go about playing with toys...

    I guess it's part of that "little headspace," perhaps...

    When I try to play with toys, it just seems awkward, and forced. It doesn't seem to go anywhere...

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    If the way you are currently playing with toys is not working for you, I would suggest trying to find something that does work for you. Even as children, there is never one way to play with toys. Back when I was a child, one of my favorite things to do with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures I was given was to create static scenes with them. I would create sort of more exhibit style cardboard box scenes, and pose them in very particular ways. Create displays. That's just one idea of an alternative way to play with toys, there is quite a lot.

    Basically, this feels like something you shouldn't have to force which feels counter to the point. You don't HAVE to play with toys in a specific way to be a Little. If there is something you enjoy about toys, find that. Sometimes I play with toys in a very stereotypical way now, imagination and creative play, but lots of times I just like to hold them, look at them, display them.. and that's totally fine too.

    Be the Little that you are, not the Little others want you to be. Find your own enjoyment in toys and everything else.

    If on the other hand you really want to play with toys in the more traditional way but you are still having issues, you might be taking yourself too seriously and you still be struggling with self-acceptance situations. I.E. feeling dumb about it, rather than not enjoying the idea. Which is a larger and very important issue to work on.

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    Yeah, for me I used to play with lego a lot and one of the things I would do most often was create some sort of situation (recreate something from a video game for instance) and act them out and take the "story" where you want it to go. When it comes down to my stuffed animals I often just talk to them about things for instance I want to do. For example if I wanted to play with my lego I'd ask my stuffed animal if they wanted to (and assume the answer is yes). that's just me though, hope I helped

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    I had a good 45 minutes of play-time with my toys.

    Pokemon Against Ruinous Critters (P.A.R.C) managed to topple an evil organization that was utilizing other Pokemon for slave labor and Gladiatorial Combat.

    The head of the syndicate, Grand Elder Charmander was a former agent of PARC, who defected after his brother was accidentally killed in an operation by PARC. After the incident, he vowed to oppose PARC and its agents at all costs, because in his eyes all they brought was pain and anguish to those they tried to “liberate.”

    Grand Elder Charmander and his subordinates were successfully subdued, and Charmander will be tried in court for crimes against humanity, with his former subjects/slaves testifying against him. (That’s for next time).

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    Whilst it's awesome that you managed to get into a headspace where you enjoyed playing your toys for quite a long time (certainly longer than most actual Littles can concentrate for!), I will say that for quite a lot of ABs, playing with toys doesn't necessarily appeal that much. Whilst feeling little is lovely, for some of us, doing activities actually designed for young kids can sometimes get a bit boring. By all means, play with toys to your heart's content if you're enjoying it, but if you find yourself enjoying it less then stop & try something else. There's no correct way to be little - just do whatever feels right for you.
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    That's the thing, this wasn't Age-play per say. I wasn't playing a different age, I was just immersing myself in my own world.

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    I'm the same. I'll try and relax and play with toys, but it feels fake and weird. I can enjoy colouring for a while, but even then I'm still aware of how silly I look.

    For me, the regression/playtime is just a prelude to wetting. When I'm little, I'm around 9-12 years old, so technically I'm a big boy. But even big boys have accidents. The playing with toys bit is supposed to be the thing that has distracted me from going to the toilet like I should, resulting in my little suddenly realising it is too late, and wetting himself, but I'm damned if I can truly get even slightly distracted while playing. I feel so self conscious. I still go through with my playtime and enjoy my wetting, but I'm always aware that it's fake.

    Video games are a bit better. I can immerse myself in one of those for a while, particularly an old school one like Crash Bandicoot. Plus it feels more realistic from my littles wetting point of view. He is desperate to pee, and is aware of it. He knows he should pause it and go to the loo, but just waits until he has finished that level.......oops, too late, he is sitting in a puddle.

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    I don't play with toys very often, but the few times I have, I try to remember what it was like being at the age I am playing. I just find that place in my memory and take it from there. The last time I did this, I was playing with my little green army men, and it was fun.

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