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Thread: Accidents while changing >=(

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    Default Accidents while changing >=(

    It's happened at home a bunch of times but today it happened at work. No one (at my work) knows about my incontinence. We have a single person bathroom with no locking door so waiting for an snort bathroom and tucking a diaper between my pants and shirt and getting on there provides a challenge already.
    So today I'm in the bathroom changing and some one walks in and takes a leak while I'm mid change. I'm trying not to move so that they don't her the crinkle. As soon as they start I walk out my bladder says "muwahahaha. Got ya" an I start peeing on the floor. I quick try to stop myself (pinch the line) but pee a little on the back of my pants. I finally take care of things, diaper myself and wipe the floor clean.
    Fortunately my pants were not as bad as I thought and I got away somewhat clean. If I had that accident a second or two earlier that person would have known that I peed on the floor. I can only imagine what thy would have asked.
    What do you all do in situations like this?
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    I'm having a hard time visualizing a single person bathroom with no lock, and it being designed in a way that somebody could walk in on you and not see you.

    Maybe you need to make a two-sided sign to tape to the door that you can switch to "occupied" or something when you go in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ornitorrinco View Post
    I'm having a hard time visualizing a single person bathroom with no lock, and it being designed in a way that somebody could walk in on you and not see you.

    Maybe you need to make a two-sided sign to tape to the door that you can switch to "occupied" or something when you go in.
    It's a stall and a urinal. The light switch is in the outside of the bathroom and used to have a red light on it that would illuminate when it was in use. However people would leave the damn light on when they left and the bulb ended up burning out after a years of that.

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    That's kinda crazy seeing as how your basic privacy lock can be had for less than $20 and installed by pretty much anyone with at least one fully equipt human hand.

    Maybe it's a cultural thing I guess..

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    Is the restroom intended for everyone or just for men? If it's for everybody, I don't get why it doesn't have a lock. If it's just a men's room, I'm not sure I'd call it a ''single person'' restroom, if it has both a urinal and a locking stall, but I dunno. I don't understand how certain single-person bathrooms are designed - with a locking door, but then a single locking stall inside. Similarly, I was recently in a Kentucky Fried Chicken restroom. It had two stalls inside, but also a locking front door with a changing ''vacant/in use'' sign. I didn't see the point in locking the outer door as it was clearly a two-person restroom.

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    I hate those moments when my bladder trolls me big time and leaks while changing. Makes me feel super little, and not in a good way. The worst was the other day. Laying in bed, getting a change, no pad like normal... Had to do the walk of shame down the hall with wet everything. Not awesome at all x-x

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    The wet floor isn't hard to avoid if you are wearing pants or a panty over the diaper with this technique.

    1.) Un-tape and lower your old diaper, leaving in between you legs, and covering your pants or panty.
    2.) Put on the fresh diaper (while the old one is still laid out below).
    3.) Roll-up the old, wet diaper.
    4.) Raise your pants or panty over the new diaper.

    Works like a charm! If you leak during the change, there's always a diaper beneath to catch the spill.
    If you have only a dress or skirt over your diaper, you can try lowering the old diaper like underwear without completely removing it. Or you can just lay it out on the floor. Not quite as easy, but then you don't have pants to get wet anyway.

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    I usualy only dripple when I change, as others said, have the old diaper between your legs to catch any urine coming out while you put on a new fresh diaper. Saves your trousers.

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    If I am going to change and my bladder hasn't released in a while, I usually undo the top tapes, and then pull out the front of the diaper a little, and blow down the front of the diaper. I know it sounds weird, but the cool air hitting the area, and the muscle contraction from blowing the air, will usually cause a void if it was going to happen in the next min or two anyway. This trick has helped me pee on the floor a lot less after I discovered it a few years ago.

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    I've had more than a few in the past. You think you're good then wham! It's annoying and makes more to clean up but it does come with the territory. I try to get out of my diaper and onto the toilet as quick as I can to finish the clean up and do the prep I can so if it happens it happens in the toilet. Saved me from cleaning my floor way more than I have. I just expect to have something happen and prepare for it by sitting on a toilet in case. I you were standing you could have quickly held up the front of the diaper if you were changing against the wall.

    Azie when I was in the military before becoming disabled I went to many countries where there are still communal bathrooms and showers. Both genders use the same open showers and bathroom. The privacy and shame of your body came from religions saying it was wrong. So other religions do not believe the human body to be bad do not worry about nudity or seeing each other in a bathroom/shower. Even the military we had bathrooms for one gender but there was no privacy in them. Either no dividers or ones that barely came up to my armpits for showers (you could see everyone around you) and the port a potties offered more privacy and were higher used.

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