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Thread: Baby diapers

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    Default Baby diapers

    I've noticed that there is almost no discussion of people who wear baby diapers on this forums :O

    Do you guys not prefer them or is it a question of not being able to fit into them?

    Personally, I love wearing baby diapers and wear it all the time.

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    Nobody without infantile proportions really fits in them. Some are small enough that they're still somewhat practical and I understand the purity of purpose in using them if it is possible and desired. What could be more babyish than a diaper actually intended for babies? If it fit us like it does them, it would make more sense to me. As long as you're happy with it, more power to you. I'd avoid advising them for practical purposes in 99.9% of ABDL situations but who says we need to always be practical?

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    I was able to fit into Curity 21x40 when I was in my 20's although it was reversed with the narrow side going around my waist instead of how a baby would wear them. Still they were the most comfortable of all the diapers I've had. I most have had about 2 dozen at any one time.

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    Being just barely slim enough to fit into a pair of "Goodnites" for girls, baby diapers are not an option to say the But, whenever I find them on sale I will grab a pack or two for they make wonderful boosters after doing the necessary

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    I like to wear them inside my underwear. Nevertheless, my interests may be shifting more towards adult products...

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    There are discussions about this actually but anyway I still wear them comfortably, mostly because they're practically one of my few options and they're so cute

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    I use them as "stuffers" all the time in my pull-ups or regular diapers, they work great and really swell up nicely. The really neat thing about using them as a stuffer is that after a wetting or two you can just pull them out the front of your regular diaper without even taking it (or your pants!) off. Talk about a super quick diaper change, it takes about 15 seconds max and you can do it by just ducking around a corner or behind a tree. Then just roll it up and drop it in a nearby trash can, couldn't be easier or faster.

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    I find they function really well. Not only that, I find a certain "authenticity" with wearing and using them. They weren't made to catch an accident; they are for using. I don't know why but that distinction really makes me like them better (well, those and AB/DL diapers, but I have no access to those for the time being).

    I use them with Cottontail Extenders (see the articles section), and they fit rather like a belted shield (except way more fun).
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    For years I used to wear cloth baby diapers. I would line a flat diaper with two pre-fold cloth baby diapers and then pin the flat diaper. I could fit into Gerber toddler sized plastic pants, so I had a genuine baby diaper feel to it. I still wear Goodnites, which are larger sized toddler pull-ups.

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    I haven't been able to fit in real baby diapers or even pull-ups for years. I do occasionally use baby diapers for stuffers.

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