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Thread: P U L pants

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    Default P U L pants

    Has anyone had any experience-good or bad-with PUL (POLYURETHANE LAMINATE) waterproof pants?

    How are they over disposables? How is odor control? Are they a good substitute for vinyl pants over cloth diapers? Are they more comfortable than vinyl? Are they cooler? Leak-proof? Do they last a long time?

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    I only wear mine over cloth. I use ones from Changing Times Diaper Co. They work well with my twill prefolds from CTDC. They're cooler
    to wear And sleep in. I've been wearing the same four now for a year with no problems. For me in the long run they're cheaper than plastic
    pants. I rinse them in the shower every morning. They're still just as soft as when I first got them.

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    I have a couple that must be over a year old, but I only wear them occasionally and usually during the day. I like them, but they don't come up high enough for my being comfortable for night time use. They don't quite cover my night weight gauze cloth diaper so for those I wear Leakmaster high waist plastic pants. The PUL pants are more comfortable and cooler and they last a lot longer. Their size just doesn't seem to accommodate my needs.

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    Yes, I've used PUL pants over cloth. I like them much better than vinyl. They are cooler because they are thinner. They are softer; they never poke me. The only downside is that they crinkle a lot. I find that if you wear something over them that is snug (e.g. jeans) the are OK in most environments, such as an office with some background conversation. If you are in a really quiet place, you can hear them even then. They last much, much longer than vinyl. I'll never switch back.

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    I use the Gary wear ones over disposables during the night mostly.
    I like them a lot. Very comfortable. Very waterproof.

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    I bought a fairly cheap pair of PUL pants, yes they are comfortable but I am not so sure about them being leak proof. Those I bought are leak resistant to a point but the side seams are stitched and so are the elastics and can leak.
    The main reason I bought them was because mine were purple, my favourite colour.

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    PUL pants are terrific.

    I've have three velcro-close PUL wraps. I have worn one every night for the last three or four years. They are absolutely terrific. Much, much better than vinyl.

    They breathe like a tight-woven cotton. They are as comfortable as any waterproof cover could be. Your diaper (whether cloth or disposable) will breathe less than PUL.

    It's also as comfortable against the skin as a tight-woven cotton. It won't stick to your skin like vinyl or plasticized nylon.

    It's slightly stretchy, so I don't need to wear a stretch pant to hold the diaper close to the skin.

    With the velcro-close, I don't need pins with cloth. Just lay the diaper in the cover, lay down on the diaper and close it up.

    I've worn it over cloth, over a disposable diaper and over an anatomic pad (my usual protection).

    If I'm at home and wet through to the PUL pant, I rinse out the urine and put the pant in the regular (hot water) wash. I put it in the dryer with the other hot water wash.

    If I'm not at home, I give it a quick sink wash and rinse and hang it to dry. It takes longer to dry than vinyl, but it's always dry by evening.

    Even with machine washing and drying, they haven't shown any wear in three or four years of nightly wearing and weekly washing and drying.

    I got mine from Dependco, and I recommend Dependco unreservedly. The woman who owns Dependco is terrific; the best customer service I've had anywhere, for anything. The pants are extremely well made, comfortable and durable. I really can't recommend them highly enough!

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    I've got several of the Gary Wear ones and I always use them over diapers. They are the most comfortable kind of pants I've found. I put at least a small thin pad between the diaper and pants in case the diaper leaks then the pad will get it. They will reduce any diaper noise.

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    I have 4 different color Pul pants by Gary I wear them over my disposable at night and during the day. I think they work well, fit well. I would recommend these Pul pants.

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