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Thread: Most worn diaper

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    Default Most worn diaper

    Like the thread title says what is die diaper you wear most often that you like.
    Mine is pampers size 6 becausevthey fit perfectly without any mods. Yes i'm small enough to wear and use them without problems, like tapes coming unstuck.

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    Mine would probably be Abena M4 or recently it's been Northshore Supreme

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    I wear GoodNites, they are my all time favorite, even if the fit could be discussed since I'm around 40" at the waist, they work quite surprisingly well and I love them.

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    I would love to be able to fit back in goodnites. But my most worn at present are a mix of north shore, wellness superior, and snuggies all white diapers.

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    is that a good overnight diaper? What size do you buy for yourself? I'm 38 waist, and ususally wear control top support pantyhose over the diaper.

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    This week I actually got into a Parent's Choice size 3. I was at Wal-Mart and they said 12 hours. I got a huge pack for boosters. They were paper thin so I am thinking only an idiot parent would leave one on a kid for 12 hours. However, they swell a lot. I'm sure I get 25 oz in one with minimal leaking. So that night I was going to bed and I got the crazy idea to try to fasten one. I weigh 100 lbs so not going to happen. Then I thought if I put 2 together side by side it would work. Leg holes were too small. Then I grabbed the scissors and cut a few snips through the leg guard. It fit so snuggly and felt so incredibly good. It didn't last long though. Wasn't too long and I was going uncontrollably so I had to get up and change again before going to sleep.

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    Wow I would love to be able to fit in pampers/goodnites!

    Not that I have tried recently, but the last time I wore goodnites was prolly 10 years ago, and even then they were getting small on me. (was around 15 or so at the time) So not sure if they got bigger over time, but still couldn't imagine trying to squeeze into a set.

    For me, my common diaper I use are Depend protection with tabs (size large) But with my order of quality diapers, I have a feeling the depends will relegate to a 'stealth' diaper, and ATNs will be my mainstay.

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    Pampers and goodnites since they're practically my only option

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    Goodnight trufits are becoming my favourite Love pampers baby dry size 6 (yup fits me very well without mods), goodnights tend to leak easier than the baby drys but the trufits holds 3 wettings, swell massively and fit perfectly!

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