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Thread: How many times do you wet before you change

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    Default How many times do you wet before you change

    like do you change after your first, second or third?

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    Default How many times do you wet before you change

    I'm not IC, but when I wear and wet it usually depends on what I'm wearing. If it's a premium usually at least 2 to 3 times. I like to make sure I'm getting my money's worth so if I'm in a spot where I feel I can risk leaks (I.e. on a bed pad) I may wet even more. If it's a Goodnite or UJ or a pull up or cheaper diaper then usually one to two times at the most.

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    I change when my nappy is soaking wet and about to leak.

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    I average 7 hours in my daytime diaper. That can amount to 6-7 small wettings.

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    After 3 wettings I usually change unless they are really small amounts

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    I like to go for max / premiums so when iyt's leaking. There's no point changing a premium / max after once use

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    When it needs to be changed regardless of brand, when it starts to feel wet I change, because I know at that state it might leak if I wet again.

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    It really does depend on the brand and sometimes idiosyncratically on the individual diaper. Today I had a Tena Flex Maxi lose its tape after one wetting and I had to abandon it. The other day a NorthShore leaked on first wetting. These are unusual events. Mostly a premium diaper lasts for hours. Sometimes it lasts all day, depending on how much I wet.

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    During the daytime every 5 hours. Usually fully soak before a change. But when I am out in public only one change. I use IC pads when I am out in public. But at home I use diapers more comfortable to wear and better protection.

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