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Thread: Confused about how to act around parent after being found out

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    Question Confused about how to act around parent after being found out

    So I live with my mother and recently she found out that I like to wear diapers. She was completely accepting of it, albeit a little confused, but she understands and is tolerant of it. She even offered to make me some AB clothes (i declined) but now I am unsure about how to go about the whole diaper thing around her. Before I would only wear when I was home alone and only order when I would be home alone and I would dispose at a nearby public bin or put it in with a bin liner full of rubbish and put it in our wheelie bin.
    Now that she has found out I am unsure how she would react if I were to wear them around the house (under clothes) when she is home or if she would mind me ordering packages online and her being here when they arrive and if I still need to be as discrete when disposing of them. I would still wrap them in dark bags of course though.
    Has anyone else been in this situation and what did they end up doing? I don't know if it is best to just ask her directly but I am unsure how I would go about that. I'd really appreciate any help and anybody elses experiences on this matter.

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    Oh wow I wish my mum was that accepting. Fucking parents thinking they know everything.. Anyway I'd just do whatever, wear them when you want under your clothes, obviously still be fairly discreet about disposing them, if just out of courtesy if anything.

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    Default Confused about how to act around parent after being found out

    It really depends on how comfortable you are with it. Personally, I'm not comfortable wearing around my family, they don't know about my ABDLism (as in I've never explicitly told them) and even if they did know, I'd still not want to wear around them.

    I'd say keep it as discrete as possible but don't be afraid to take advantage of this new situation. Not only does she sound accepting, she even sounds somewhat encouraging of it (offering to make clothing) which is extremely awesome and lucky for you.

    Just try to make sure you're not "in her face with it". As far as ordering them goes, i'd say order away. Mail should be private enough that she shouldn't know what it is and she shouldn't be opening or going through your mail anyway and as long as you're not getting a giant package every week or every other week that shouldn't really cause any concern.

    I'd say as far as wearing goes, if you want to wear in private while she's home or you want to wear under your clothes around her, go for it. Just try to keep out of sight out of mind as much as possible for her sake (such as discretely getting rid of used ones as you suggested).

    If she shows any further signs of more acceptance of it, such as casually asking or talking about it, then maybe take the time to discuss it with her.

    Edit: I guess I'll add maybe asking her to get you a plush here and there would be a nice and fairly innocent way for her to show her acceptance/support of it and you could get some nice new furry little friends (it sounds like she wants to or is at least okay with supporting it)

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    Wear around her if you're comfortable with it. I'd say you're incredibly fortunate that she offered to make AB clothing for you, just don't take advantage of that and flaunt it in her face.

    When my mom found out about my bottle and pacifiers, she was very okay with it, but we don't ever talk about it, nor do I drink from my bottle in front of her or anything of the sort. I basically treat it like nothing happened.

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    I've had a similar experience with my wife, and she was very accepting. We sat down and discussed it, and I took the time to explain what it was I why I thought I enjoyed wearing diapers. I was careful not to assault her sensibilities, especially at first. I still change into my diapers in another bedroom though I don't think she'd care if I changed in front of her. I make sure that I don't smell or leak.

    On her part, she has bought me plushies, onsies, Big Baby training pants, sippy cups, etc. I think one simply needs to take it all in little steps....and yeah, pun intended.

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    I know what you are talking about I recently told my mother about my abdl stuff at first she was ok about it now she's telling me to give it up so I think your lucky for your mom to make baby clothes for you honestly I'd like to use my mom's mailing address (have not gotten my own )

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    I think my Mom knows but it's an Elephant in the room none of us bring up. I'm a good person though so none of it matters and she knows I'm a character of candor. Last time I was home I wore Abenas under clothes in front of my mom and she didn't suspect a thing. I wore underwear over them though so the crinkle was almost nonexistent but for the most part, I'm pretty good at covering my tracks.

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    I would suggest the following: be thoughtful of others and be clean.

    What I mean there is that whatever you do, you shouldn't do things that typically might bother someone or be unsanitary. For example, don't stay in a wet diaper for a long time so that it smells, don't keep your used diapers too long, don't make a big deal out of the fact that you're wearing a diaper or expect to be treated little.

    If you do the above, I think you can relax a bit. Most people honestly can't tell if you're wearing a diaper that's dry or only recently wet. Yes, it crinkles a bit in a quiet room (some more than others) and there may be some thickness if someone is staring at your butt, but most people don't stare at your butt and they don't notice that your underwear is a little thicker than normal, especially if your clothes aren't super tight. Put your trash in a plastic bag, dispose of it discreetly, and enjoy wearing around the house a little, imo.

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    Once both my parents knew, I started to wear them anytime I wanted to at home without worrying about being caught by them. No more sneaking around and doing it in private. I also started to throw them away at home in plastic bags. No more hiding them in my room and waiting to dispose them in town. I also started to order diapers online at home.

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    Just fly casual, most people don't notice if wear under loose fitting clothes. Once after told my dad, we went snowboarding (he skis) at the end of the day, I asked him if he could tell that I wore all day, and he said, "I didn't give whether you were wearing a single thought." It helped me realize that even if someone knows, they don't think about it like we do.

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