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Thread: Bottles and Pacis?

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    Default Bottles and Pacis?

    So I've never used a bottle nor a paci, I heard that pacis are bad for your teeth? How do you like them and how do you use them?

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    I hear that an adult sized pacifier doesn't wreck your teeth as bad as trying to suck on a baby pacifier. I usually like my pacifiers, but I don't often fall asleep with them, and if I do then my teeth feel funny for a little while once I wake up.

    As far as bottles go, I haven't had any teeth problems with a bottle. You'll only get that funny feeling with your teeth if you don't use your hand to hold it up while you drink from it.

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    Teeth move around in your mouth easier until probably your early 20's. That is not to say that your teeth will move. So, after you get a little older there is even less of a chance your teeth will be moving.
    Personally even after under an hour of using a paci I can tell my front teeth have moved slightly, but I have huge teeth an overbite and have worn braces/retainers all through jr. high/highschool. The teeth move back after I stop... I don't use my paci anymore because of this. I don't think most people have this problem. If it happens to you should easily be able to tell and know to stop. Stop if you feel pressure on your teeth and when you take it out your teeth don't fit together exactly like you remember them. That said, you should not have an issue. I just have teeth that are prone to floating.
    Give it a try. Buy one to start will, and see how it goes. If you don't have sore teeth after using it and you like it buy more. Just make sure to get something that will fit in your mouth properly. An adult size paci feels 1000x better than a baby sized.

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    Yeah, I wouldn't try sleeping with a baby paci. I haven't had a chance to try an adult paci yet, but the baby ones are great. One hint tho don't wash them with scented dish soap, you will never get the taste of soap out.

    As for bottle I don't know, been wanting to get one, sippy cups with soft spouts are cool tho, I was able to get one those from a Walgreens.

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    if you get a chance definitely invest in a paci , baby pants and aww so cutes pacis are pretty great and i regularly use mine. when i first started using i found that some times i would have a sore mouth after a night . but these days my usage is such that this no longer happens. also that aww so cute just seems to fit the best imo.

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    I might get a paci some day but for the moment I just suck my thumb. It's a natural thing for me and I do it all the time. I once tried to give it up but after a few weeks my front teeth hurt so I'm back to sucking my thumb. I doubt I could've given it up anyway, most of the time I don't even think about it.

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    When I fall asleep with my paci (it's a Nuk 5 so adult sized) my teeth can feel a little weird in the morning, I'm 23. But it never lasts and from what I can tell no permanent damage has been done. I don't use it EVERY night though.

    An adult sized paci is absolutely worth the investment. Sometimes you'll get in the "zone" so to speak so that you will actually be using your sucking reflex where it's pretty much involuntary and it is actually extremely relaxing, lol.

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    Personally I love my pacis. They're great for when I'm trying to get into little mode or just trying to relax. I'll admit though it's not as great as it could be since the only ones I have are for 18 month olds and are way too small. I also used to use one while sleeping (which was awesome), but I stopped because they seriously hurt my teeth. That's why it's CRITCICAL to use them in moderation. I used a pacifier pretty much everyday until I was about 4 years old and as a result, I had a really severe overbite which lead to me needing braces in high school. Now, for my own sake, I only use the paci on occasion.

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    I've been sleeping with a baby pacifier (I have a small mouth, and an adult one is a little too big for me) just about every night for the past six years. Before that, I did a year of sucking my thumb at night (and a whole lot during the day. I still suck my thumb or paci during the day on occasion, but not as much as I used to.) Anyway, a couple of my front teeth have shifted a little, and no longer touch the bottom ones. My teeth might feel a little sore when I wake up in the morning.

    I have a bottle too, and I do love it, though I only use it when I'm home alone. As you're only sucking on it when you're drinking from it, I imagine you have less of a chance of it moving your teeth, if you only use it once a day or so.

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    I think they are both absolutely worth having, even if you just use them a little bit. I love both bottles and pacifiers, but I actually use bottles the most. Bottles don't give the same tooth problem as a paci does because you don't hold it in the mouth for nearly as long. If you want to start somewhere for not very expensive, this is how I would suggest going.

    And these are the largest of baby pacifiers I am aware of, but bigger ones do help a good

    I still very often use both of these products, even though I have an adult size bottle, and a nuk 5 as well as a nuk 7(which I feel like is a little too big sometimes).

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